Gum disease

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Dentists in Poland say that problems with gums touch every other adult. You should learn more about this, because gum disease is the biggest threat to your teeth.

Inadequate oral hygiene, that is too rare or too thorough cleaning of the teeth is the most common cause of gingivitis. Gum disease along with a diet poor in vitamins may lead to some systemic diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism. Bruxism (teeth grinding), injuries made during brushing or incorrectly assumed fillings are another possible cause of gingivitis. Your lifestyle may also adversely affect the gums – due to chronic stress and smoking.

Bacteria inhabit the mouth together with the saliva and form a so-called scraps of food forming plaque , which deposit on the teeth and along the gum line . A few days inaccurate brushing is enough to developed gingivitis. Then the infection extends to the periodontium , ie, the tissues surrounding the teeth and maintaining them in the jaw bone or mandible. The mineralized plate is not removed and forms calculus , whereon the plate further layer and the stone is pressed deeper into the gum biasing the roots. This results in forming deep holes in which the buildup of bacteria and food residues . When the toxin is secreted it destroys the bone, causing teeth to loosen, which leads to their loss. Then all you can do is install dental implants in Poland.


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