Which should be done first: braces or dental implant abroad?

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perfect smileFor some patients, dental implants are not enough to provide the perfect smile. In many cases, teeth are healthy but need orthodontic treatment to make them straight. With such patients, there is a question, what to do first? Should it be implanted, or rather than braces treatment? The answer is not always simple and the same. Each patient should take implantologist and orthodontic advice, as the patient’s specific needs will determine the order in which those treatments are provided. Personal consultation with specialists is crucial, however, below you may check some useful, practical comments from best dentists.

Every dental implant and orthodontic case is different

Nowadays patients are able to get both cheap dental implants abroad and braces to improve the appearance of their smiles when it is requested or needed. That is really important for your orthodontist and implantologist to collaborate closely on a treatment plan that requires both braces and cheap dental implants to determine the optimal timing for each intervention. It is crucial to trust in dentists experience, as sometimes patients needs wait even some years to complete treatment. The good news is that both, dental implant and braces procedure gives permanent results and spectacular effects! Sometimes it is good to take the second opinion, the professional doctor will understand that you want to confront his treatment plant with someone else!

Benefits of having braces before dental implants abroad

That is the most popular scenario. Patients are asked to wear braces first to correct teeth position and bite, then the implant is inserted. Braces treatment must be fully completed to install the implant, it may take even 2 -3 years. That way implantologist is able to insert the implant in exact place, determining the area to put in the implant is easy for the doctor. The ideal position of the dental implant is the greatest benefit. It is important to know that an implant cannot be moved orthodontically. That is why it is crucial to finish braces treatment before implant installation. Braces treatment should be directed correct position of all of your teeth, and to make enough space for new teeth (impact). Otherwise, you may find that your implant does not line up with the other teeth after straightening your teeth.

Benefits of having braces after dental implants abroad

Generally, installing implant before braces treatment is rare. In many cases, the orthodontic treatment is completed first, due to the fact that implants cannot be repositioned after the installations, it is not possible to “move” implants when osseointegration process is completed, just to remind usually osseointegrations period lasts 6 months. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. The first exception is when the orthodontist treatment does not involve the teeth surrounding or opposing the implants. For example, some patients only require orthodontic treatment to align the front teeth while the back teeth are not changed. The second exception is when the dental implant is placed as the anchor to help the orthodontist with certain teeth movement.

Dental tourism in Poland

The price for braces and dental implant Poland procedures always depends individually, as the main cost is the implant which must be injected and braces which must be installed. Dental Travel Poland offers the wide variety of dental implant brands. You may choose from standard and premium brands. The same is with braces, patients may have many types of braces, like incognito, metal, crystal, invisible braces. Each has the different price. The minimum price for brace is 399 GBP. For invisible brace, one jaw, Dental Travel Poland offers the best price, only 599 GBP! Dental implants abroad and aesthetic crown price that is 800 GBP!  In many cases, the final price is given examinations and consultation with implantologist and orthodontist.



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