How do diseases affect the color of your teeth?

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Dental treatment in Poland involves many proccesses. One of them is keeping your teeth white. Though healthy teeth have the color of ivory but they may change to an ugly color because of a previous or ongoing disease in the body.

Discoloration of teeth form, for example as a result of fibrosis of the pancreas (enamel gets grayish) or because of impassable neonatal hemolytic disease (teeth turn a bluish or greenish tinge) or jaundice – resulting in yellowish milk teeth.

The color of the teeth is also affected by certain genetic diseases that are hereditary. People with porphyria have teeth in shades of pink or brown.  A yellow-brown color of teeth can also be observed in patients with hereditary enamel and dentin dysplasia.

If you see a change in the color of your teeth but you are healthy, try teeth whitenng in Poland.



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