The difference between women & men’s dental health

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It’s a well known fact that women visit their physician for routine checkups more often than men and are more likely to schedule or doctor visit when feeling sick or injured.

According to dentists in Poland, women are almost 2 times more likely to have had a regular dental check-up recently. Women also more probable to go through the recommended treatment after the check-up.

Women have a more positive attitude when it comes to dental visits.

Remember, if  you’re afraid of your dentist – don’t be because dentistry in Poland is excellent and the treatments are painless!

Other men and women differneces:

  • More women floss on a daily basis than men
  • Most women are embarrassed of a missing tooth, but only about 50% of men
  • Women will notice missing teeth on another person more often than men
  • Only 30% of men know that dental problems can affect your general health, compared to about 45% of women.


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