Difference between mini dental implants Poland and traditional dental implants Poland

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Many people lose teeth and there is nothing uncommon about it. Dental implants Poland are one of the best ways to replace them. There are two main types of dental implants, traditional implants, and mini implants. Each of them is different, has different benefits and downsides, which is why you should keep on reading, to know your options better!

What is traditional dental implant Poland?

The traditional dental implant generally is the standard for dental implants. Traditional implants, in general, provide a longer-term solution than mini implants, as they allow for better weight distribution and put less stress on the jaw bone. They also have a bigger surface area which allows for stronger chewing force and more stability.
The main disadvantage of a traditional implant is that it requires a decent amount of bone structure. If you do not have enough bone, you may need to undergo bone graft procedure to provide enough support for the implant.

The size of a traditional dental implant generally varies between 3 to 6 mm. They are usually made of two parts, as they have an external screw that is inserted into the bone. and an internal thread that allows components to be placed on the implant and attached to it.

What is mini dental implant Poland?

As the name suggests, mini implants are basically a smaller version of traditional implants. The main difference between traditional dental implants and mini implants is that they are about half the size of traditional ones. Mini implants in Poland are from 1.5 to 3 mm. They have a special ball-shaped end. They are often used to place dentures or crowns on. In such case, the denture has a ring that fits around the aforementioned ball.

The main benefit of mini implants is that they can be used when a patient has a large amount of bone loss. Furthermore, they are also really good, when replacing a missing tooth in the area where there is limited space, so the placement of traditional implant would be difficult.

Unfortunately, the reduced size also means that two mini implants are used to provide the same support as a single traditional implant.

Difference between mini dental implant Poland and traditional dental implants Poland

Mini Dental Implant PolandTraditional Dental Implant Poland
Size1,5 - 3 mm3 - 6 mm
Positioningmay be used in small spacesrequires more space
Supportless, more mini implants neededmore, fewer implants needed
Longevityless durablemore durable
Bone graftnot neededmay be needed
Priceless expensivemore expensive

Mini dental implants and traditional dental implants price comparison

Mini dental implants much more cost-effective, the price for cheap mini dental implants abroad begins from 300 GBP. Traditional ones cost a little more, from 350 GBP, however dental implants in Poland are very cheap! In comparison, in the UK the price is even 1300 GBP! So do not hesitate to contact our patient advisors at Dental Travel Poland and book your implant appointment today!


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