The difference between men and women’s teeth

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Women’s teeth are smaller and more rounded. Men’s teeth, in turn, have more well-defined shapes, like a square . Quite often they are worn out and discolored.

Men also more often clench their jaws during sleep or in stressful situations, causing their teeth to wear out and deform. Women usually relieve stress in a different way, leaving their teeth more round and not deformed.

The gender differences can be seen not only in the shapes of teeth , but also in the treatment of the care of a beautiful smile. Men are interested mainly in healing an already sick tooth. Women visit the dentist more often and more often decide on cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening in Poland . Women also decide to wear braces more often.

Dentists in Poland agree that women’s teeth require more attention due to their shape and that women care more about the appearance of their teeth.


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