What is the difference between all on 4 Poland and all on 6 Poland.

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dental implantsLooking for a full jaw restoration you obviously want it to be safe, efficient, cheap and as natural as possible if it comes to the cosmetic and aesthetic results. However, there are few more factors that you should take into consideration while thinking about the best option for your treatment. Short treatment duration, long-lasting result, and maximization of eating comfort are also crucial. All these goals may be achieved by using the simplified method, so-called ‘all-on’. All-on-4 and all-on-6 are revolutionary solutions for most-demanding patients. Both provide the best quality without recurrent visits in the dentist’s office, long recovery or spending fortune on treatment.

All on 4 Poland treatment concept

All-on-4 Poland treatment concept was established for the first time in 1998 by Dr. Paulo Malo as a groundbreaking method of restoring both upper and/or bottom jaw. It takes its name from main elements, 4 titled implants, that attach entire bridge of teeth to the jawbone. Unlike conventional treatment methods, all-on-4 is not – vertically orientated, what allows patients with significant decay or massive tooth/jawbone loss to take advantage of this concept. Especially in Poland, this kind of treatment is extremely popular nowadays, as it gives natural and highly-satisfying results with the lowest cost. The whole procedure is rapid and delivers permanent, life-lasting outcome. During the first visit, the doctor will insert implants into the jawbone. After the regular period of the healing process, you will be asked to come for another visit when the overdenture will be placed on implants. What is more, in order to meet your expectation in the most professional way, you will be entitled to choose from several materials that your denture can be made of. Most doctors will recommend acrylic or porcelain teeth.

All on 6 Poland treatment concept

All-on-6 Poland procedure corresponds with all-on-4. Actually, it is identical in terms of the idea and technique. The only difference is that it needs to be done with number of 6 implants.This extension is a way of avoiding overloadings that may occur in the case of all-on-4. To obtain it, 2 additional implants are located at the very back of your jaw.  However, the entire procedure itself does not change. The course of treatment stays the same. The biggest advantage of all-on-6 is the fact that it is even more durable than all-on-4 procedure. Since a typical overdenture consists of 10th – 14th teeth, it is very crucial to fasten it as strong as possible. The wider the overdenture is, the more implants are required to obtain a life-lasting result.

All on 4 VS All on 6 Poland

All on 4 PolandAll on 6 Poland
- 4 implants- 6 implants
- suitable for both upper and bottom jaw- suitable for both upper and bottom jaw, recommended for upper jaw to reduce gravity influence on it
- resistant to overloadings- highly-resistant to overloadings
- less expensive- more expensive
- increases the comfort of eating-increases the comfort of eating

All on 4 and All on 6 abroad price comparison

All-on-4 and all-on-6 methods are widely known and used around the world for almost 20 years. Both patients and doctors appreciate it for its beneficiary features like low costs, simplified procedure, high-quality and long-lasting effects. If you are still wondering whether to undertake one of ‘all-on’ treatment in Poland do not hesitate to contact us.

We will walk you through the whole process and help you to find the best option!


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