Diet and gum condition

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Dentist in Poland say that the symptoms of gingivitis are noticeable already after less than a month of plaque accumulation. It’s a pretty frequent problem among people – which is why it is important to know how our diet can affect the health of the gums.

Failure to provide the body with adequate nutrients results in a weakening of the immune system. Then the gums get infections more easily. If inflammatory changes include gums and tongue , it means that we lack vitamin B and folic acid. In contrast, a strong inflammation of the gums indicates a deficiency of vitamin C.

Therefore, our diet should be wholesome. We should also be especially careful while on slimming diets, which often deprive us of essential body nutrients.

And when it comes to external actions try rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth with herbal infusions such as sage leaves or thyme. Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties are also very valuable. Dental treatment in Poland is at a high level, so remember to have teeth cleaning done every 6 months!


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