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Dental crowns in WroclawA dental crown is a “cap” which preserves the functionality of damaged teeth. If only the root is properly treated and well-preserved, it is possible to reconstruct a missing part of a tooth or even a completely broken one. The normal shape, appearance and function can be restored.  Inserting crowns is simply encasing a tooth with a custom-designed, artificial material. The modern technology gives us a wide range of opportunities. A patient can choose between all metal crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, all ceramic/all porcelain crowns or all resin crowns. They all have their drawbacks and benefits. The choice is not easy and it is useful to ask an expert for advice.

Luckily, the dentists from our dental clinic in Wroclaw are masters of their profession and will perform perfect dental crowns for you. Years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients give the guarantee of the highest quality of your dental treatment in Poland. Our specialists graduated mostly from Wroclaw Medical University and developed their careers on internships in Poland and abroad. Dental crowns and dental bridges in Wroclaw are fitted in clinics equipped on the highest word standard. The dental materials used during appointments come from renowned suppliers. The doctors use numerous methods of dental treatment – those the most known and the modern ones also. Beside crows, dental clinics in Wroclaw can also offer whitening, extractions, root canal treatment, dentures, teeth implants and many more.

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Dental Crowns in Wroclaw

The staff in my clinic was invariably cheerful, professional and caring. I am very grateful for the service in my dental clinic in Wroclaw ! I must admit I was nervous about visiting a foreign country for dental treatment. But my anxiety proved to be unfounded, all of the staff spoke english and were very friendly. Dental crowns were done very professional. 

Felix Bronson

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Depending on the type, a crown may last from 5 to 15 years. It also depends on how the crown is worn and how strongly it tears down.  The prices of dental crowns in Wroclaw can be nearly half lower that in the countries such as Norway and the United Kingdom. And please do not misinterpret this information, it has nothing to do with the quality of the services. On the contrary, only the best specialists who provide the best quality in a specific country participate in dental travel projects and their services are often at a higher level than it is in the West.

Be aware that your teeth may require preparation before the crowns can be placed. The root canal treatment may be needed. It is better to reserve a longer time off (5-8 days) or if it is not possible two shorter trips (2-3 days each) and make a virtue of necessity! Those great dental clinics are located in a charming place – Wrocław, the city is still not as touristic as Krakow and Warsaw but not less magical. Not without a reason it was chosen the European Capital of Culture 2016. It is worth visiting any time of the year – you will fall in love with the specific climate and the landscape of thousand bridges. For sure you will be leaving the city with a beautiful smile on your face. The dentists and the atmosphere of the city can guarantee this.

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