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Our Dentists in Warsaw have an individual approach to each patient, they pay attention to what the patient needs to make sure that the diagnosis is accurate, and the dental treatment that follows is the most effective. We consider extraction as the ultimate solution and will try not to apply it as long as it’s possible to save the tooth. The modern techniques we use help us to achieve numerous successes in this field. We use alternative methods of dental treatment  in order to avoid root canal treatment.

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Dental clinic in Warsaw has the best equipment and advanced tools available and is among the best clinics in Poland. Our dental service, which is based on efficiency and professional approach our dentists in Warsaw, has earned the trust of numerous patients. Our patients get an effective and painless dental care along with a movie star smile. So don’t be afraid, our experts will make sure you get a professional dental treatment in a painless manner. Our dental clinic is the best place to find the best dentists.

See how easy it is to plan your visit to Warsaw, you can spend your free time sightseeing and visiting the most interesting places in the capital of Poland. The map below shows the location of the airport, the hotel and the dental clinic.

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Dental treatment in Warsaw helped me a lot

I am very pleased with the treatment. Excellent clinic and service. I was looked after very well.

Charles, Winchester 

Outstanding dental clinic in Warsaw

I have found Dental Clinic in Warsaw to be an outstanding clinic. The entire clinic staff was excellent!

Monika Nolan, UK

Fantastic dentist in Warsaw

Fantastic Clinic in Warsaw with exceptional attention to patient satisfaction. I could not imagine a more satisfying experience. Almost painless, immaculate facility and caring staff! Dr. Stepien is fantastic!

Trevor, UK

Very professional dental service in Warsaw!

No waiting list, professional dentist, helpful consultants!

Jack J. UK

I chose dental travel to Warsaw. Now, I have healthy teeth and have visited beautiful Poland.

Trynni, UK

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Recommended Accommodation:

Hotel “Portos” is located close to our dental clinic in Warsaw, which makes the transport between those places fast and cheap. The three-star hotel, with breakfast included in the price, in the accommodation price, offers rooms or apartments, according to your needs. Each room has a separate bathroom with a bathtub or a shower room. The apartments offer a bathroom, a kitchen and a balcony. The hotel includes a restaurant which is known for it’s culinary delicacies.

Warsaw Map

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Chopin Airport is located at 8 km from the city center and is the largest airport in Poland. It is also known by it’s former name –  Okecie Airport. The airport offers several flight connections, and many means of transport reaching the city. Additionally, it includes numerous services and facilities such as travel agencies, car rental, battery charging spots and financial services (cash machines, currency exchange, banks). You will also find a shopping area with 50 shops to choose from which can help you relax, and do shopping after your travel. Your arrival in Poland will be marked by the modern and tourist-friendly airport facilities and it’s staff that are known for being professional and helpful. All this will help to make your stay stress-free and pleasant.

Airport Warsaw - the largest airport in Poland Comfortable travel to Poland

Dental Travel Poland invites you to discover the capital of Poland. In Warsaw, you will find many tourist attractions such as historical places and monuments, museums, galleries, parks, theatres and cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres. Below you can see a selection of what we think are the most interesting places to visit.

Warsaw points of interest

The Old Town is the oldest district in the city. It is also the most frequently visited point of interest. You will find here numerous monuments, restaurants and cafes offering a taste of the unique atmosphere of the place. It is a great place for a walk for all those who appreciate discovering architecture and those who like magical places. The Old Town is full of history and enchanting views.

You cannot miss the the Royal Castle situated at the Castle Square. This historical residence of the Polish kings is now the heart of the Old Town, and it’s impressive building underlines the unique character of the place. Along with the Old Town, the Royal Castle is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old town in Warsaw - Dental Travel Poland Old Town in Warsaw - Beauty Poland

The Palace of Culture and Science located in the city centre is the most visible landmark and a known tourist attraction. On top of it, you will find a roof terrace with a spectacular view over the whole city. The Palace offers also several exhibitions such as the Museum of Technology and a cinema. This surely is a must see on the list of Warsaw tourist attractions.

Another place worth seeing is the Wilanow Palace with it’s magnificent gardens. The Palace is one of the most important monuments in Poland for it’s cultural and historical aspects. As one of the very few monuments, it survived the two world wars and the Poland’s partitions. Now the Palace can be visited as it has been transformed into a museum.

Wilanow Palce - Visit with Dental Travel Poland Warsaw at night - Palce of culture

There are plenty museums and galleries worth seeing while in Warsaw.  The Warsaw Rising Museum is very unique and devoted to informing the visitors about the Uprising in Warsaw in 1944.  The museum portrays the character of the time and contains possessions of members of the Polish Underground State.  This is an emotionally moving attraction and must be seen by everyone not only history fanatics.

Alternatively, you can also go to the National Museum, which is the largest in Warsaw.  Here you can see a broad numismatic collection,applied and ancient art collections.

There is also the Frederic Chopin Museum devoted to the composer.  Here you can see articles such as manuscripts, letters, documents, and photographs. You can also learn about the works of Frederic Chopin here.

Zacheta National Gallery of Art is a contemporary art gallery which is known for being the most noteworthy in Warsaw. This was the first place performing Arts in the city.  Here you can see works by the best artists doing their most unique works.  There are promotional events, lectures, and you can even go to meetings held by the artists.

 A good alternative for those who need a relaxing walk to escape from the crowded noisy city would be  Warsaw’s spectacular gardens and parks.  Lazienki Park, being possibly Warsaw’s most beautiful park, has much to offer. There is the Park-and-palace complex  including a Roman Theatre Palace on Water, Old Orangery, White House and many others spectacular sights.  Here you will be immersed by the quieting natural surroundings. The Saxon Garden along with Pilsudski Square  can be found downtown. It is a historical site that would take you back to the 17th century.  Being the oldest garden in Warsaw, it was also one of the first public parks.

There are many shopping complexes in Warsaw with restaurants, as well as stores and entertainment of varying types.  One such place that is most worth visiting is The Zlote Tarasy Centre.  Here you can go shopping, admire the unique architecture, get a drink and relax.

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