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Teeth implants in dental clinics SzczecinDental implants in Poland are used as tooth root replacements, and are made of titanium in the form of very small screws. Teeth implants can be used to replace a single or several lost teeth and are installed directly into the upper or lower jaw bone. They are known for years and their efficiency has been proved. Patients with replacement teeth witness they feel and function as natural teeth. Dental implants also look like natural teeth as the facial structure is preserved in its integrity. They are the best way to reduce the inconvenience of losing the natural teeth.

A Dental clinic in Szczecin offers you titanium implants with most cutting-edge  structure of the screw and the technique of attachment. Dental implants in Szczecin replace natural roots, prevent bone loss after tooth extraction, restore the teeth, ensure the stability of dental crowns and dental bridges and offer the same chewing ability as natural teeth. Dental Travel Poland quarantees that every patient would receive the best treatment by the best specialists who attended numerous scientific conferences and training courses in dental surgery and implantology. It is worth arranging a visit there.

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The visit was good, and the first day already I sat in the chair. I'm satisfied with the dental implants I got.


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The procedure of implant fitting in a dental clinic in Szczecin takes about 40 minutes and it is performed under local anaesthesia. After integration with the bone the restoration on an implant (crown, bridgework) is mounted.

Prices of dental implants in Szczecin are hard to beat. Price of the surgical part, is fixed after consultation with the surgeon. We create a pleasant experience during every visit in a dental clinic in Szczecin. Our staff comprises of experienced and certified dentists in Szczecin, which have developed a range of latest techniques to solve all your dental problems. They are able to achieve the best results with the fastest recovery time.

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You can connect your treatment in a dental clinic in Szczecin with holidays that are convenient for you. Dental clinic in Szczecin is a part of Spa with wealth and wellness, which was created in accordance with the philosophy of wellness, among the peace, quiet and enchanting smell of the forest to ensure the health, well being, balance body, mind and spirit. The unique location of the clinic on 7 hectares, fenced and monitored area in the heart of the forest will provide a intimate rest after treatments and will let you leave everyday life behind and enter a land where time stops. A port city on the Baltic coast of Poland, Szczecin is truly amazing due to its iceberg in the city centre called the Szczecin Philharmonic, the Pomeranian Dukes Castle or the historic buildings along the Odra river promenade.

It is also easily accessible due to direct flights between Szczecin and over 20 destinations, starting from 20€ return ticket and great localisation of “Solidarity” Szczecin–Goleniow Airport.

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