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dental implant CO.UKDental implants in Poland are tiny screws made of titanium used as tooth roots’ replacements. They are bonded with the bone of either the upper or lower jaw to replace a single or many missing teeth. They function as anchors for dental crowns. This kind of dental treatment does not only give a healthy appearance but also protects other teeth and gives you the ability to chew without  pain and shame. In more complicated cases, when the bone structure has also been damaged and it is not strong enough to hold an implant, the bone grafting procedure can be applied. It extends the whole process of inserting dental implants but what is the most important, the healing is not less effective than when we have our natural bone. In both cases, normally the dental  implants can last a lifetime.  The success depends on many factors – the quality of the dental services as well, so it is good to choose your dentist wisely.

Dental implants in Poznan can be a perfect choice for those who are still not sure if this  treatment option is for them. Our well-educated dentists in Poznan will offer you the best solution. Depending on an individual case, a full set of teeth implants with crowns, dentures supported on implants or even such a novelty like Zygomatic implants can be chosen. Patients are treated individually, the overall cost is arranged after the first consultation. It may seem more costly but as mention earlier implants can last a lifetime and there is no need for further extensive repairs as in the case of others method of dental treatment. Moreover, dental treatment in Poland is more than 60% cheaper than in cities in the Western Europe or the United States.  

Dental Implants Poznan reviews:

Implants done in Poznan

I have just returned from my dental treatment in Poznan. I would like to say how much I appreciated the care and attention. Now I have the smile of my dreams!

Rosie, Lancaster

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Dental implants treatment duration is individual for each patient. During the first visit the bone area needs to be exposed by opening the gum tissue in order to place the screw. After the bone has been prepared, the implant is placed and the tissue is sutured.  It is suggested to stay 3 days, since it is not the best idea to travel the same day. You should have some rest and also have a control visit the day after the procedure. The sutures are removed after about 7 – 14 days. It is not necessary to come back for this stage because in fact it can be done by any dentist.  You can also ask our dentist for dissolvable sutures is possible. The healing process itself (named Osseointegration) takes from three to six months. After that time the teeth implant becomes a part of the jaw bone. Finally, when the gum tissue is ready, the implant is uncovered and a special abutment is attached to it. It is the base for the new crown. You can read about the whole process of inserting dental crown on implants with Dental Travel Poland in the dental crowns section. There is also a possibility of installing temporary crowns, bridges or dentures for the healing time for patient’s convenience. When the crown is ready, its color will match your natural teeth and it can be installed on the dental implant.

Dental implants in Poznan are inserted by well-educated specialists so there is no place for  mistakes or inexperience. Our facilities are comfortable, air-conditioned and the disabled friendly. We strongly encourage you to devote some of your time in Poland to exploring this amazing city – Poznan.

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