Dental implants Lodz

dental implant CO.UKDental implants in Poland are small titanium cylinders placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth. They are anchored securely to the bone, which automatically eliminates the pain and discomfort connected with the chronic use of dentures. They both may seem to have a similar function – to hide a gap in the oral cavity and to ease the process of chewing. Dental implants feel and function exactly the same as natural teeth. As a result of losing one or more teeth, you inevitably lose bone in your jaw and implants can halt and even reverse the bone loss that results from losing teeth.

Dental implants treatment duration is individual for each case. During the first visit, the bone area needs to be exposed by opening the gum tissue in order to place the implant. After the bone has been prepared, the implant is placed and the tissue is sutured.  It is recommended to stay at least 3 days since it is not the best idea to travel the same day. You ought to have some rest and also to have a control visit the day after the procedure. 7 – 14 days after the procedure the sutures are removed (this can be done by any dentists, there is no necessity to travel for this part, alternatively if possible we can use dissolvable sutures) On patient’s request temporary crowns, bridges or dentures can be installed for the healing time. The healing process itself (technically named Osseointegration) takes from three to six months. After that time the implant becomes a part of the jaw bone. Finally, when the gum tissue is ready, the implant is uncovered and a special post is attached to it. It is the base for the new dental crown. 

Dental implants in Lodz are fitted by dedicated specialists who are highly specialized in their field and who attend numerous scientific conferences and training courses in order to stay tuned with the latest treatment methods. The fear of the dentist can be alleviated by waiting in a cozy waiting room in a friendly atmosphere. All of our facilities are air-conditioned and the disabled friendly.  

When it comes to prices, dental implants in Lodz may seem a bit more costly than other methods of dental treatment in Poland but remember that implants can last a lifetime. They don’t need extensive repairs and replacements like other methods of treatment. So overall, they are even more worthwhile. And why Lodz? The city is not very touristic and therefore, it is worth discovering. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Cinematography!

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