Dental crowns Lodz

dental crown CO.UKDental crowns are fixed prosthetic devices which are placed as a “cap” on a damaged tooth. They are used to fix its appearance but more importantly – function.  With dental crowns procedure teeth can regain their previous look. The case is not about a broken tooth only but also about the discolored and misshaped ones. With correctly and  wisely chosen crowns no one will notice that your teeth are not natural!

Inserting dental crowns in Lodz is a perfect fit for those who value the best service at affordable prices.  All the dentists in our clinic in Lodz love doing their job.  That is why the service they offer is on a such high level. Moreover, they constantly increase their  qualifications, participating in trainings, courses and conferences .

As the aim is to reach patients’ expectations, dental crowns in Lodz are fitted in well-equipped rooms and with the latest-generation tools. Patients can choose from a wide range of different types of anaesthesia.  Please do not feel overwhelmed by all the positive news – prices are more than affordable!  The complete cost is individualised  after the consultation with our prosthodontics specialist.

It is worth knowing that teeth may require some preparation before crowns can be placed. Root canal treatment or fillings may be needed and it may take some time. That is why a  dental treatment in Poland is a perfect option. It is a win-win situation. You can combine caring for your oral health with vacations! There are two options – you can take a longer leave of absence and admire the Polish culture longer (which is highly recommended!): about 5-8 days. In  that time temporary crowns can be placed and after about 5 days the dental laboratory will prepare for you your own perfectly fitted set of crowns. Remember that the installation itself requires an additional day. If this option is not possible, you can arrange two shorter visits. 2-3 days for the first one when all the preparatory treatment will be done and 1-2 days for the second visit, a week after the previous one, when the crowns are installed permanently.

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