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In Krakow, we have one of the cities technologically up-to-date dental clinics.  Our dentists in Krakow are always working on improving their level of qualification. As a result of this the clinic continues to provide painless, effective, and extensive treatment.  Thanks to the highly advanced equipment, and new technological solutions we are able to offer the highest level of dental treatment in Krakow and affordable prices.  Our dentists have an individual approach to each patient. They pay attention to what the patient needs to make sure that the dental treatment is stress-free and precise.

Dental Clinics offering dental bridges, crowns, dentures, implants by the best Dentists in Krakow in Poland at affordable prices.  Dentists in Krakow offer affordable prices

Dental Clinics in Krakow Offer

In our dental clinic in Krakow we provide a broad selection of dental services such as dental implants procedure, dental crowns, teeth veneer etc. These vary between prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontology, inplantology, and cosmetic surgery.

This clinic has all necessary modern tools at it’s disposal, including :
– X-ray laboratory
– intracavity camera
– dental microscope
– Beyond teeth whitening to name just a few.

Dentists Krakow reviews:

Excellent dental service in Krakow

I would realy recomand this company for anyone looking for dental treatment. Since I live in Norway, dental services are very expensive. Did only regular dentistry, but the savings alowed me to have at great holliday in one of Europas most beautifull cities. We all need to spend money at the dentist. Why not spend the money in beautiful and friendly place, and get an hollidy included? For the price of just the treatment at home? In fact, I am so happy with the clinik, and the dentist, that I am considering getting veneers. Because in this way, I can afford them! And they give med an exelent excuse to return to wonderfull Krakow:-)
I was very pleased, but then I did not need any help regarding anything else than the treatment. And I have to say, Joanna is a star!

H.S. Norway

Supremely satisfied with dentist in Krakow

The dentist in Poland is the best. I am supremely satisfied with his work and it was financially sensible to go to Krakow.

Marie M, Bristol

Crowns and veneers done in Cracow

I don't know if you have already made your decision but I have just returned from Krakow and was very impressed with the treatment I had. I had some crowns and veneers on upper front. They are beautiful and look very natural! Great city, professional staff!

Emilia, UK

Dentistry in Poland and Krakow is very professional

Thank you, Dental Travel Poland! I have never been under the care of a specialist that was so detailed, so clear and who gave me all the options and explained the technical words in plain English. As for all of those who are interested in dentistry in Poland, all I can say is: ask for prices, compare them and decide for yourself. I reommend Krakow.

Annabelle, London

Very good dental service in Krakow!

I am so tired of dentists and doctors in the UK, trying to say that care outside the UK is substandard, it's just not true. I have been treated better, really cared for and the prices are 50% less. Very good dental service in Krakow!

Aurora, Liverpool

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Recommended Accommodation:

The Art Hotel & SPA “Niebieski” is a five star hotel. The hotel offers hospitality and functionality.  Feel the family and intimate atmosphere brought to life by the artistic modern interior.  You can also find a Vanilla Spa Wellness institute in the heart of the hotel with its comforting conditions and a relaxing atmosphere which complement each other. Submerged in the intimate surroundings your body can regenerate, restore your well-being, and your mind can relax. There is a BIO snack restaurant available as well. All the guests stay in comfortable and stylish rooms and apartments.  In the rooms you will find Satellite TV, 32” LCD TV, free internet, integrated electronic locks, electronic safe mini-bar, and telephone.

The Art Hotel & SPA “Niebieski” is a five star hotelThe Niebieski Hotel offers hospitality and functionality

Krakow was the capital city of Poland for a very long time, and is still among the most beautiful cities in the country. Once you visit Krakow, you will never forget it for it’s history and how uniqueness.  During your stay we strongly recommend you see it’s landmarks and everything that gives this city a soul of it’s own.   See the information on the most attractive landmarks below.

Krakow map:

Pokaż Krakow na większej mapie

The Balice Airport, also known by it’s official name – John Paul II Airport Krakow, is situated 11 km from the city centre, in proximity of the most important overland routes in Poland. This second biggest airport in Poland offers a wide range of services, including a multilevel parking,  observation deck, currency exchange, car rent, playground, a first aid spot, duty free shops and a chapel. The airport serves several air connections and it offers various means of public transport that take you to the key locations within the city. This tourist friendly airport will make your first moments in Poland unforgettable and pleasant.

 The Balice Airport- official name – John Paul II Airport KrakowKrakow Airport Balice is situated 11 km from the city centre

Krakow points of interest

Krakow has the reputation of being one of the most unique places in Europe. This beautiful city has a lot to offer and can please even the most demanding tourists. You can choose from numerous cafes, and restaurants known for their enchanting atmosphere. The culture lovers will find many interesting museums and exhibitions, along with theatres, and cinemas. Nature lovers will certainly appreciate numerous parks in the city. We also recommend visiting historical places of Krakow that will provide you with the most momerable moments of your stay.
The place to start your visit from is an absolute must-see in every tourist’s guide – the Old Town, and it’s wonderful Main Square. This is also where the nightlife starts. During the day you will appreciate the unique architecture of the city, and it’s charming and peaceful atmosphere. Then in the night, explore the cafes, pubs and night clubs with their magical and unique style.
When visiting the Old Town, you will certainly notice the St. Mary Church,  situated on the Main Square. This impressive 13th century building holds a unique masterpiece of sculpture, it’s wooden altarpiece. And if you happen to be there at noon, you will hear the very famous Hejnal Mariacki played every day on a trumpet from the church towers.
Another tourist attraction not to be omitted is the Wawel Castle located on the Wawel Hill, also part of Krakow’s Old Town. This gothic construction includes not only the castle itself, but also several buildings located around the central yard. Those historical buildings served royal clerks, clergy and craftsmen. Nowadays, they hold several museums. You can also go down to the crypts that hold tombs of kings of Poland and national poets or see  the Royal Sigismund Bell.
Old Town in KrakowOld Town in Krakow


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