Dental crowns Katowice

dental crown CO.UKThe patients today can choose between a variety of treatment options to have their teeth  restored.  When teeth veneers or direct composite bonding is not possible, dental crown procedure is worth considering. They are simply “caps”, which according to its name, cover a decayed tooth. It is possible to reconstruct a missing part of a tooth or even a completely broken one. But crowns are not bounded only to this situation.  Discolored or misshaped teeth can also be restored by this method. It is not possible to distinct a natural tooth from the artificial one.

In our dental clinic in Katowice each treatment is preluded by a consultation meeting with the dentists who will advise the appropriate treatment for you. Don’t hesitate to ask about different options regarding the anesthesia. Fitting dental crowns procedure is provided by the best specialists in the Upper Silesia, Katowice is the region which is known in Poland from the best specialists in medicine, not only dentists.  Their knowledge and experience are  irreplaceable.  Our dental clinics in Katowice can boast with the best equipment and dental materials from renowned suppliers. The staff offers not only efficient service but also mental comfort and a complex care. The fear of the dentist can be alleviated by waiting in a cozy waiting room in a cordial atmosphere. 

The oral hygiene after the treatment does not vary a lot from a classical oral hygiene. It is highly recommended to simply brush the teeth twice a day and, what is very important, to floss them once a day.  It removes plaque from the place where the crown meets the gum. Dental crowns in Katowice are fitted in our clinics equipped with the highest word standards. Each practice has a dental surgical microscope and the latest-generation tools. Surprisingly, despite such a high level of treatment, the prices can be over half lower than in the rest of Europe. It is estimated that dental crowns in Katowice can be 60% cheaper than in Norway or the United Kingdom.

It is up to you how long you will stay in the city. The dental travel to Katowice may last 5-8 days or you can decide on two shorter visits (3 days each). Katowice is a city which is constantly changing.  It used to be mainly an industrial area but now it is transforming into a modern European spot. For sure, you will leave the city with a big, bright smile.

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