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5 reasons to choose dental veneers in Gdansk

 veneers1. Best prices in Europe!

If you want to save more than 50% on your dental veneer treatment, Gdansk is the perfect place for you. The quality of dental service is just as high as in any western European country, but the price is much lower. Compared to the same dental treatment in Germany or the UK, you save a lot of money. At the same time, the outcome of the procedure is guaranteed to be just as successful and satisfying. When the highest quality is guaranteed, the price is the factor that matters.

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 2. Dental Travel Poland offers the most durable dental veneers

Our porcelain dental veneers are not only beautiful, they are also extremely durable. Satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to our high-quality biocompatible materials and advanced technologies. more information about dental veneers in Poland. Your comfort is our priority. You will be able to eat everything as easily as you’ve always done, and the amazing new look of your teeth right after the treatment is not going to change for as much as 20 years.

– Dental veneers Gdansk reviews:

Dental veneers in Gdansk

Having my dental treatment abroad was the last thing on my mind, but when i started to look for a clinic to have dental veneers, I WAS SHOCKED with the prices. So I found Dental Travel Poland in google, and it was perfect for me. From the moment I arrived at the dental clinic in Gdansk I was treated with outstanding wonderful customer service! The result is fantastic and very natural looking.

Olivia, UK

New smile!

My front teeth, were really bad and for years I wanted to get something done with them but couldn`t afford it in Sweden. My friend advised me Dental Travel Poland. The best option for me was to have dental veneers! Im absolutely delighted with my treatment, it was all so professional and easy!

Rob, UK

Dental Travel and Dentist in Poland - Dental Treatment Abroad

 3. Meet our world-class dentists

Our team of great dentists will make sure that the time you spend getting your teeth veneers in Gdansk is comfortable and that all your individual needs are met. Their experience, certificates and diplomas guarantee that they have all the knowledge necessary to provide all types of dental treatment in Poland. Your emotional well-being is just as important to us as the success of your treatment. A stress-free environment and friendly interactions are a given. The result of the treatment will be exactly what you have always wished for.

 4. Let our dental veneers boost your self-confidence

You would love to show your smile to the world, but the way your teeth look is stopping you? This problem will be gone forever thanks to our dental veneers. The smile of a Hollywood star is within your reach. You will laugh in public again without any self-consciousness. As soon as your treatment is done, you can forget any problems that your teeth have ever caused you.

 5. Combine your dental veneer treatment in Gdansk with unforgettable holidays

Gdansk is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Baltic Sea, along with many other attractions, make it a great holiday destination. The trip to get your veneers in Gdansk can be one of the best vacations you have ever had. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this amazing city. In addition to getting the best dental treatment, you will make a lot of happy memories.

– Top 3 must-see places in Gdansk after getting dental veneers

Gdansk old town 1. The Old Town

Visiting the Old Town can feel like taking a time machine back to the Middle Ages. It’s a large area full of historical monuments and great architecture. The parts that did not survive World War II were rebuilt and can be admired by tourists. Gdansk was a typical Hanseatic city, so the harbor is among the most interesting places to visit. The Crane that you can see there used to be the biggest working crane in the entire world.




 Gdansk2. The Shipyard

The important events that happened in the Gdansk Shipyard are fairly recent. That’s where the Solidarity movement, which later changed the entire political situation in Europe, was formed in 1980. You can still visit the Gate #2 where Lech Walesa made his historical speech. An organized tour of the shipyard is a great history lesson. The ships built there are definitely worth seeing as well.



gdansk beach3. The Jelitkowo Beach

When you’re in Gdansk, don’t forget how close the Baltic Sea is. Seaside holidays are not complete without going to the seashore. Jelitkowo is a lovely natural sandy beach. It’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the summer, and taking long walks throughout the rest of the year. The Jelitkowo Park with a scenic bike lane is located right next to the beach.


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