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Dental crowns procedure in GdanskDental crown in Poland is an artificial tooth shaped replacement mounted over a tooth. It covers the tooth restoring its strength, shape, and size. It also makes the tooth looks better. When installed in place, the crown completely covers the tooth starting from the gum line.

Dental clinics in Gdansk offer you dental crowns with the most innovative structure and technique of attachment. Dental crowns in Gdansk can cover a tooth that is discoloured or badly shaped, restore a broken tooth, protect a weak tooth from breaking, and can be used to attach a teeth bridge. A crown is also used to cover a dental implant in order to restore appropriate functionality and offer the aesthetics of natural teeth.

Dental Travel Poland can promise you that every patient in Gdansk would receive the best treatment by the best specialists who graduated from the Gdansk Medical Academy and attended numerous scientific conferences and training courses.

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Professional and friendly staff in Gdansk!

“I have had dental treatments for several days Dental Clinic in Gdansk.(...)A professional and friendly staff, I even had a good time being there, totally 7 consultations spread on two trips to the great city og Gdansk. I can only say that I`m very pleased with everything, the price was even good, compared to my homeland, Norway! I can totally recomend this clinic!”

T.A., Norway

Brilliant dental care

Very satisfied with the whole experience. From initial inspection and quote, through to appointments, procedures and ending results. Will go back if i need anything further.

R.F. Denmark

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Dental clinics in Gdansk are equipped with best dental equipment, panoramic X-ray room and the latest-generation tools used to offer you top-quality services and respect your heath and valuable time. As for the duration, the first stage of the treatment will take 2-3 days. During that time we will get your teeth prepared and will take impressions for the crowns. If the teeth extraction is needed, it will also be done at the first stage of the treatment, and a temporary crown can be placed instead of the extracted tooth. After that, the dental laboratory needs around 5 working days to perform their work. The permanent crowns can be installed after that, and the installation itself requires an additional day.

In our clinics you can choose between full-ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic crowns. Dental Crowns in Gdansk will last for many years, depending on the health of the underlying tooth or implant. The procedure of crown fitting in dental clinics in Gdansk is performed under local anaesthesia.

Prices of dental crowns in Gdansk are very competitive. Dental clinics in Gdansk offer a 3 year warranty on all parts. We create a pleasant experience during every visit in dental clinic in Gdansk. Our staff comprises of experienced and certified dentists, which have developed a range of latest techniques to solve all your dental problems. They are able to achieve the best results with the fastest recovery time.

Dental crowns procedure in clinic in Gdansk Dentists in Gdansk cooperate with Dental Travel Poland

Dental Travel Gdansk

Dental travel to Gdansk is a great opportunity to connect your treatment in a dental clinic in Gdansk with wonderful holidays. A port city on the Baltic coast of Poland, Gdansk is often referred to as part of the Tri-city, formed by Sopot, Gdynia and Gdansk. Długi Targ Street with the Neptune Fountain is the centre of social life. Under the arcades of the Green Gate you will get to a fragment of the old Gdansk port with the characteristic crane, most popular attraction. Those with a desire for trips can go to Malbork with its extensive Gothic castle complex or relax on sandy beaches in Sopot and Gdansk.

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