Dentophobia – causes and ways to cope

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Where does dentophobia come from? Can we get rid of the fear dentists? And if so – how?

Dentophobia as it turns out, is rooted in childhood. Parents code in the child a belief that the fear of the dentist is natural and going for a visit is a great act of courage. Besides, kids are often scared with a visit at the dentist when they eat too much candy or do not want to brush their teeth. In this way the child associates a visit to the dentist with pain and suffering.
However, there is a solution! Small children should go through a so-called adaptive visit, during which they could get used to the office.

In the case of an adults being terribly scared of the dentist, they need to rebuild their trust in dentists. Fortunately, modern technology has eliminated the pain and dentists in Poland use only modern equipment, which in no way resembles the strange instruments of our nightmares . Additionally, a friendly atmosphere in the office relaxes and ward off evil thoughts.


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