Are Dental Veneers During Pregnancy Safe?

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mother with dental veneersMany women expecting a child wonder whether it is safe to have dental veneers put or it is better to wait until the baby is born. If you are not sure whether veneers while pregnancy can influence your and your child’s health, this article is for you! Of course, as your pregnancy develops, you have more and more load to carry, especially in the second and third trimester. You should take care of your health and avoid stress, hence to help you avoid unnecessary hesitation and uncertainty while you are pregnant or expect to be, we will explain in details how and whether dental veneers Poland influence you and your unborn baby.

Every pregnant woman needs special care

A dental veneer is a cap that covers the existing tooth. The most popular type is porcelain veneers. Veneers restore the beautiful look of teeth by having the desired shape, color and size. They can serve as gap fillers, protection for decayed teeth, or can be an alternative to teeth whitening. Many dentists agree that porcelain veneers while pregnant are a safe treatment. Still, some dentist argues that it is better to wait for the procedure until a baby is born. The only reason why it is sometimes recommended for women who are pregnant to wait for the veneer treatment is that their gums are much more sensitive as the blood volume is increased during pregnancy. It is important to take a proper care of health including teeth during pregnancy. Therefore, regular visits to the dentist are significant, as the dentist needs to check whether the teeth condition has been influenced by the lack of calcium. Porcelain veneers while pregnant might be also problematic because the treatment requires a woman to lie down for some time. If your pregnancy makes that you are just unable to lie down for an extended period, then the dentist can advise you to wait several months before having cheap veneers in Poland.

What about teeth x-rays and pregnancy?

Safe dental veneers are often applied as a protection for decayed teeth – they can prevent as well as stop the process of decay. Yet, in order to check the condition of teeth, the dentist needs to have the teeth x-ray. Panoramic X-rays allow for checking whether veneers can be applied or some other treatment is needed instead, e.g. root canal treatment or implants. Dentists agree that traditional x-rays should not be performed when women are pregnant. Nonetheless, modern x-rays use a very little dose of radiation and a single x-ray should not influence the baby in any way. Also, dentists always use a thyroid guards and lead apron so that the baby is protected profoundly. So, it might be said that nowadays, X-rays are safe for pregnant women. Still, some dentists may advise you to wait with performing it. It concerns especially women in the 1st trimester.

Can dentist apply anesthesia if I’m pregnant?

Safe porcelain veneers do not require any severe anesthesia. Some women may need local anesthesia, but many types of research proved that it is safe for pregnant women. Thus, you can be sure that during the procedure you will not feel any pain and your baby will be safe. The most popular type of local anesthesia is lidocaine. Needless to say, it has no influence on the developing child. Dentists always apply such dose of anesthesia that is needed so that the patient feels comfortable. Some dentists opt for the application of a combined anesthesia, which is lidocaine and epinephrine (called also adrenaline). However, such a combination is rather avoided with regard to pregnant women. Just to make everything clear, adrenaline is not harmful to pregnant women, however, it sometimes may result in accelerated heart rate caused by the state of excitement or arousal.

When should a pregnant woman have veneer treatment?

In general, dental veneers while pregnant belong to a safe dental treatment. Yet, many patients wonder what is the best period for having porcelain veneers for pregnant women. If you need veneers just for aesthetic reasons, it would be great if you wait for the treatment several months, until you give birth to your baby. However, if your teeth condition requires the immediate treatment, the best would be performing veneers treatment in the second trimester. At that time, women feel the most comfortable, so the baby will be at a minimum risk of being influenced by the treatment. Also, porcelain veneers can, by all means, be performed in the last trimester. The only condition is that a woman feels comfortable while laying down on her back for some time. It is not recommended to perform the treatment in the first trimester because then the baby’s organs and brain develop rapidly. In fact, women should refrain from any treatments, procedures, medications or chemicals throughout the whole pregnancy period and when it is not necessary, avoid all of them.

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If you wonder whether dental veneers are safe for your baby, we can assure you that the treatment is totally safe for you and your baby. If your veneers treatment is not an emergency, you will be advised to wait a few months. However, if you need an urgent veneers treatment, we will help you without hesitation. Dental Travel Poland offers the best private clinics, where only the most experienced and skilled dentists work. We guarantee that your treatment will be safe both for you and your baby, fast, cheap and painless! We will make sure you achieve the expected results! What is more, we will help you organize your treatment as well as stay in Poland. We will book a hotel for you and organize transfers between the airport, clinic and a hotel anytime you need it. If you feel you might need veneers, do not hesitate and contact us! With us, you will not only get a professional work done but also save much money! And remember that pregnancy does not prevent you from having veneers in Poland!


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