How to make your dental veneers last longer

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If your teeth are discoloured, damaged or uneven, you should opt for affordable dental veneers abroad. Veneers in Poland are made of composite or porcelain material. Teeth veneers in Poland are a perfect solution for all patients who want to have a beautiful, white and aesthetic smile. In Poland teeth veneers are really cheap comparing to other European countries. The treatment is completed within 5 working days.


What is dental veneer?

Dental veneer is a thin layer of material put on the front side of teeth, which improves the aesthetics of a tooth or protects it from damage. The shape, size and colour of a veneer is so carefully chosen and adjusted that it looks totally natural and is indistinguishable from natural teeth. Veneers are regarded as a long-lasting solution, as they last up to 10 years. You may even exceed this time when you take a proper care of your veneers. Below  you will find some tips that will help you to make your dental veneers Poland last for many years: 

Food and drinks you should avoid while you have temporary veneers

When you come for teeth veneers to Poland, you need to stay there for at least 5 working days because the laboratory needs several days to prepare veneers for you. Nonetheless, the dentist may place temporary veneers before the permanent ones will be ready. You may have temporary veneers up to 3 weeks. You need to be careful not to damage them, especially while you eat. You need to avoid certain food when you have temporary veneers:

  • meat, which you need to substantially chew, e.g.steaks
  • hard food, such as apples, candies, ice
  • sticky candies
  • bread with a hard crust
  • crunchy food, e.g. chips, seeds
  • drinks which can stain your teeth, e.g. coffee, wine, cola

Food you should avoid eating after getting permanent dental veneers in Poland

Permanent veneers are very durable and hardly vulnerable to stains. They can be easily polished and cleaned. Porcelain veneers last about 10 years, but if you are careful of what you eat and how you take care of them, you can lengthen the time of veneers lasting. There are some products which are advisable to be excluded from the diet after veneers placement. They are:

  • hard food
  • dark liquids, e.g. wine, coffee
  • alcohol
  • tobacco chewing
  • ice
  • you also should not use your teeth like a tool, e.g. to open a bottle.

The elimination of the above products is only a suggestion and if you cannot imagine your life without coffee or wine, you should just reduce the amount and frequency of their consumption. It is also very important that you rinse your mouth regularly, especially after eating or drinking any of the mentioned products and maintain a good oral hygiene. Then your veneers will last for a very long time. If you have any questions or want to get a high-quality dental veneers in Poland at affordable price – contact us!


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