Dental veneers Poland – the easiest way to get a Hollywood smile

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dental veneerIf you are dissatisfied with your teeth and dream of having a Hollywood smile, come to Poland for the cheap veneers abroad. Veneer is a layer of usually porcelain or ceramic material which is placed in front of your tooth. They gives you the desired shape, size and colour of your teeth. In Poland you get highly affordable price for veneers, as a result you can not only have a Hollywood smile, but also save much money!

What is dental veneer?

Dental veneers Poland, called also dental laminate, is a very thin layer of material which is bonded on to the front side of your tooth. The material from which veneers are made is usually porcelain being 5-6 mm thick. Veneers look totally natural being indistinguishable from a natural tooth enamel. They restore the desirable size, shape and colour of teeth and are often chosen due to aesthetic reasons. Thanks to veneers in Poland you will gain a perfect Hollywood smile at affordable price.

How long does it take to get a dental veneer in Poland?

If you have decided to come to Poland for teeth veneers, you would need to spend at least 5 working days here. On the first day you have the initial appointment, after which the laboratory starts preparing your veneers. The laboratory needs several days in order to make veneers, and when they are ready, you have the second appointment and your teeth veneers are installed. It is recommended to come for 5-7 working days to Poland to have cheap dental veneers here. The second option is travelling two times. You may arrange two 1-day trips within a week or 2-week timespan. Your patient adviser from Dental Travel Poland will help you find the cheapest option to have dental veneers abroad. We can help you organise your flights as well as stay and acommodation abroad. Our patients often come for at least a week and combine their affordable veneer dental treatment with vacation, which gives them double satisfaction!

How long can dental veneer Poland last?

Dental offices in Poland are highly professional, modern and well-equipped. Dental veneers in Poland are cheap, but their quality is of the highest standard. Hence, veneers in Poland are a long-lasting solution. The durability of veneers to a great extent depends on the material from which they are made. The better material is, the longer you enjoy your new smile.

composite veneerlast 7-10 years
porcelain veneerlast 10-15 years
ceramic veneerlast 13-15 years

If you take a proper care of your teeth and follow all instructions given to you by your dentist in Poland, you can extend the durability of your veneers. As long as you brush your teeth regularly, visit your dentist at least twice a year, and your veneers are not chipped, damaged or discoloured, there is no need to replace them!


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