Are dental implants Poland worth the cost?

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Dental implants Poland are a permanent solution that can replace your missing tooth. They are considered the best possible option and are offered to many patients all over the world. However, the cost of having them done is very high in USA, UK or Germany and many patients are looking for more affordable options. When you do your research online, you will find that Poland is one of the top dental tourism destination and it can offer you cheap dental treatment that includes dental implants. Are dental implants in Poland worth their cost? Read our article and find out for yourself!

Why are dental implants so expensive?

This issue has been a center of debate for many years now. Since the invention on implants, the price for this procedure has not been made very affordable to most patients. How is it possible that few grams of titanium and additional elements can cost hundreds of USD or GBP? Is it because of manufacturers? Or is it dentists, who charge so much for their work? A little bit of both, actually. The manufacturers spend a lot of money on research and advertising so they can make money on dental implants and dentists charge higher prices because of the required knowledge and profit they need to make to run a successful business.

Why are dental implants in Poland much cheaper?

Some European countries have always been a great destination for tourism, due to their low prices and good currency exchange rate. Our Polish dental experts take advantage of economic conditions and can offer much cheaper dental implants than their colleagues from USA or UK. However, cheaper dental treatment does not mean worse than in other more expensive countries. Our specialists are well-educated and very experience, that is why Poland has become one of the top dental tourism destinations.

How long do dental implants last?

The lifespan of dental implants depends on many factors. If you take good care of your teeth (flossing, brushing), avoid biting extremely hard things (pens) or opening things with your mouth (bottles, cans) and have good health, then your implants should serve you for 25+ years. Annual check-ups with your dentist are another thing to remember because this is what keeps the guarantee on implants.

Dental tourism in Poland

Poland, as one of the top destinations for dental tourism, can offer you affordable prices for dental implants. The price for the implant with the crown starts from 2500 PLN / 500 GBP / 600 EUR. In comparison, the price in Uk starts from 5000 PLN / 1000 GBP / 1200 EUR and in Germany, dentists can offer you implant for 4000 PLN / 850 GBP / 950 EUR. Why spend even 50% more for your dental implant, if you can have it done in one of our dental clinics in Poland. Contact our patient advisers and get your individual quotation for cheap dental implants in Poland.


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