Can You Get Dental Implants in Poland While Pregnant?

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teethcareFirst of all, congratulations! You are expecting a baby and wondering if you can get your dental implants in Poland? This article is for you! Pregnancy is not an ultimate contraindication to dental implants, however there are quite a few things you need to know.

Dental implants Poland are safe for pregnant women

As you probably know by now, pregnant women experience dramatic hormonal changes. Because of estrogen levels growing, the mouth tends to be more vulnerable to infection. This can result in gums bleeding, teeth decay and gingivitis (which happens to almost 30% of pregnant women). Another interesting thing, is that about one third of pregnant women experience tiny tumor on the gums. These conditions, can lead to the loss of teeth. In such cases, if the teeth cannot be saved, getting dental implants is a great option.

Dental implants abroad are safe and very compatible with the bone in your jaw, however the procedure should not be undertaken at certain points in the pregnancy. It is generally recommended to wait with your dental implants surgery until second trimester

First of all, for doing implants you need to have your jaw x-rayed. Although the radiation from dental X rays is very little and insignificant, it is advised to avoid it during pregnancy anyway.

Secondly, after the implementation, some medication is usually prescribed, which may or may not be suited for pregnancy.

Thirdly, many people express concern about the anaesthesia. Studies show that local anesthesia is completely safe during pregnancy. However, dental implants sometimes require general anesthesia, which can be risky and you should avoid it during pregnancy. Nevertheless, our clinics in Poland have anaesthetic that is safe and will not harm your or your baby. However, make sure to mention to our patient advisers that you are pregnant and we will make sure that the procedure is as safe as possible.

Another problem is the issue of stress. Pregnant patients are always advised to avoid stress during pregnancy, as it can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure and mayis affect the baby. Any type of surgery may needlessly increase the stress level, feelings of worry and fear.

On the other hand, an abscessed tooth, or a tooth that needs extracting should definitely be extracted. Perpetual fighting off a disease and only “putting it to sleep” is not a good way to go. It is not only painful, but can unnecessarily burden an already overloaded immune system. Such behavior may have more negative outcomes than getting your dental treatment abroad done.

So in short, you can safely get cheap dental implants after your first trimester. However, it is generally recommend to wait and perform the surgery after giving birth.

If possible go forward with dental implant surgery after your pregnancy

Dental implants surgery is a very safe procedure, however it should probably wait until after the delivery, just to be 100% sure and prevent any complications. However, it does not mean you cannot get a head start and be ready to move on with the procedure after giving birth. You can definitely at least begin the consultation process, sort out preferable dates and get a quotation. Relax, your pregnancy is not going to last forever. When appropriate time passes by, you can start your dental treatment in Poland and keep on smiling to your newborn.

In the meantime, pregnant women are typically given the green light for routine dental treatments, such as crowns, fillings or root canal treatments.

Tips on preparing for dental implants in Poland after birth

Although it is advised to wait with dental implant surgery until after your pregnancy, you should still maintain good oral health for the benefit of you and your baby. This is the best way to prepare for your dental surgery abroad.

It is especially important for pregnant women to maintain good oral hygiene habits, including brushing twice a day, flossing daily and rinsing your mouth every night with a fluoridated, alcohol-free mouth rinse. If you experience morning sickness, rinse your mouth after vomiting, for example with a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water, so to stop acid from infecting the teeth. You should also schedule a dental checkup and have your teeth professionally cleaned, as it would allow your dentist to check your oral health and prevent any problems from developing.

In conclusion, you can safely book cheap dental implants surgery in Poland during your pregnancy, however you should consider undertaking the treatment after the delivery. feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Our team is here to take care of you and your baby!


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