Dental implants abroad – why should I choose Poland as a destination

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If you look for a cheap dental treatment involving dental implants, Poland is a place that you should take into consideration! Poland has become the leading destination for foreign patients looking for a cheap and professional dental work. Cheap dental implants, affordable flight tickets and hotels, and a high quality of dental offices make Poland a perfect place for having dental implants abroad.

Poland is a part of European Union

Poland, after joining the European Union, has opened for people coming from abroad. All major cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Lublin or Katowice have international airports offering numerous flight connections with the whole world. Patients coming for dental work have a wide range of airlines (including low-cost airlines) to choose. They may come at any convenient time to any city they wish. What’s more, Poland, as a member of European Union, is required to meet the set standards in the field of medical care and it’s quality. The cheap dental treatment in Poland is performed according to all standards only by a well-trained implantologists.

Dental implants in Poland are cheap

Private clinics in Poland offer amazingly cheap dental implants. In fact, the whole private dental care is very cheap compared to other European countries. The prices in Poland are so low that it is more cost-effective to come for a few days to Poland and perform the treatment here than doing it in a home country. Dental implants in Poland are even 50% cheaper than in the UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or USA. Of course, the prices for dental implants in Poland vary depending on the implant brand and the clinic, but despite this fact, patients are able to save a great deal of money. The implants brands offered by clinics in Poland include Astra, Straumann, Alpha BIO, Nobel Biocare and Ankylos. On average, the price for a dental implant in Poland is 420 GBP.

Dental implants in Poland are of the high quality

Dental Travel Poland cooperates with the best dental offices in Poland. The clinics offer a great variety of implant brands. All implants have at least 10-year guarantee. The clinics, as well as laboratories, are well-equipped with the most advanced devices. If you decide to come to Poland for your cheap dental implants abroad, you can be sure that your dentist will be a broadly experienced professional. Our implantologists are well-trained, they actively participate in various courses, workshops, and symposia so as to improve their skills and broaden knowledge. You will be provided with necessary information about your implantologist and dental clinic in advance, so you could check the websites, testimonials, and reviews.

If you need dental implants, but cannot afford them in your country, dental clinics in Poland come across your expectations and needs. In Poland, you will be provided with a professional dental treatment performed in modern clinics, the price of which is astonishingly low. Your personal advisor from Dental Travel Poland will not only schedule your appointment in the clinic but also provide you with necessary treatment details in advance as well as will help you organize flights and stay in Poland. Do not hesitate to contact Dental Travel Poland if you want to have cheap dental implants abroad!


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