Who should consider having dental implants in Poland

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Despite improvements in dental care, every year many people suffer tooth loss. Tooth loss is mostly caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease, some injuries, accidents, not proper oral hygiene, or badly performed dental treatment.  For many years, the only available treatment for toothless patients was denture, which is said to be uncomfortable. Nowadays dentist may offer modern dental treatment. Dental implants Poland are best tooth replacement technique. There is no more effective treatment to achieve the perfect smile.

Who is a candidate for dental implant Poland?

First of all, good candidate should have missing teeth or tooth, or teeth which need to be extracted. The best candidate for implant abroad should be healthy enough to undergo a dental extraction or dental implant surgery. The patient should have healthy gums, bone, no teeth infections. A good candidate should keep everyday oral hygiene. Diabetes, patients with heart problems, patients after radiation therapy should inform dentist about their issues. If you are considering implants, talk to your dentist to see if implants abroad are an option for you.

Why should I come to Poland to have dental implants?

Every year Dental Travel Poland serve abroad patients. Many of them seek better prices, cheap dental implants. The Economic situation in Poland cause that dental services prices are one of the lowest in Europe but still have a high quality standard. Some other patients are looking for quick treatment, Dental Travel Poland offers dental treatment even one week in advance! Polish dentists are known as well educated and professionals, our patients claims that our dentist are dedicated to their work and dental treatment effects are excellent. That are reasons why over 1000 patients chose us, and perform dental implants abroad with us!

What is the price of the dental implant in Poland?

All our dental implants are made from titanium, we offer dental implants only well-known international brands. In our wide offer you may find Straumann, SLActive, Dentium, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, Astratech, M implant, Alpha Bio implants. Patient is always given standard and premium option. Standard implant price starts from 370 GBP, premium implant price starts from 550 GBP. The prices include implant, implant installation, anesthetist, stitches, and abutment. Six months after implant installation patient should install crown on implant which price starts from 400 GBP.

Do you offer any guarantee for implant treatments?

Each implant depending on its brand has a warranty. Standard implants have warranty between 5 – 15 years. Premium implants warranty is a lifetime. Our dentists will replace any failed implant that does not integrate or withstand the loading phase initially. Prosthetic, the part which replaces teeth, has a different warranty. Prosthetic may be performed from composite, porcelain or zirconium. The warranty lasts between 5 and 15 years for crowns on implants or overdentures abroad.

Dental tourism in Poland

Feel free to contact Dental Travel Poland we would love to organize your dental treatment in Poland. Our consultants will help you find cheap treatment abroad. We may offer you treatment in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Szczecin or Wroclaw, for more destinations ask our sales team. Dental Travel Poland offers all inclusive packages which cover accommodation, airport pick up and all taxi transport between clinic and hotel. Call us and let us organize your dental implant in Poland.


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