Dental implants Poland and patients with diabetes

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dental implantsDental implant surgery is a widely used procedure for dental rehabilitation and it is a secure and predictable procedure. Many of our patients are diabetes. Because the number of patients suffering from diabetes increases, there are more diabetic patients demanding implant procedures. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease, which goes in with hyperglycemia and causes some side effects. This article will answer frequently asked a question if diabetics are good candidates for dental implants Poland? Article based on 20 studied cases and many publications of aggregated literature, we hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

Can a person with diabetes have dental implants in Poland?

First of all, diabetes that the name for a group of metabolic diseases that affect the body processes of glucose, in other words, glucose is a sugar that supplies energy for living cells. Glucose (sugar)  level in the body, blood is regulated by the hormone insulin, which is produced in the pancreas. When the hormonal is not self-controlled, the amount of glucose in the blood can vary dangerously.  In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas stops producing insulin, so the glucose level is high. In type 2 diabiets body either fails to produce a sufficient amount of insulin or fails to respond to the insulin it does produce. All in all, in both diabetes type 1 and 2, blood sugar levels that are too high or too low. Diabetes patients may suffer from blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease and gangrene, resulting in loss of fingers, toes. Drastic changes in glucose levels may cause coma or even death.

According to publication and studies, people with diabetes have no reason to avoid getting dental implants. But it is essential to keep your glucose level under control. Patients should keep daily control sugar level, adequate diet,  so implant therapy will not be disturbed. All patients with diabetes that’s not well controlled should always seek advice from medical professionals. Always poor blood glucose level or dramatical glucose changes may cause implant failure. Studies show the supportive administration of antibiotics and chlorhexidine improves implant success.

Diabetes and dental implant success rates

When diabetes is under well control, dental implant abroad procedures is completely safe and predictable with a complication rate similar to that of healthy patients. The success rate is equal 95%. Our research showed that diabetic patients with poor glucose control, it took longer for the bone to heal around implants. To ensure high success rate patient should keep exercising, monitoring their blood glucose levels, and getting regular medical checkups. Prescription medication is also needed when lifestyle changes are not enough. Yet complications from diabetes, such as poor wound healing may occur and should be consulted with implantologist or your doctor immediately.

Diabetes and dental implants Poland risks

Patients with badly controlled, or uncontrolled diabetes suffer from impaired osseointegration. Those patients have a high risk of peri-implantitis and a higher level of implant failure. Adult diabetics also experience a 2 – 3  times higher risk of developing periodontitis than nondiabetics patients. It is essential, to quite smoking before dental implantation Poland. The large impact of smoking on osseointegration has been well documented. The combination of smoking and diabetes highly increases the risks of implant failure. For that reason, diabetic patients who smoke should be urged to quit smoking before implant surgery.

Dental tourism in Poland

Contact us to receive more details regarding dental treatment. Feel free to consult your case, our specialist will advise you if you are a good candidate for cheap implants Poland. In some cases, patients should wait 3 months keeping their sugar level under control, and then dental implants may be installed. Dental Travel Poland may offer you also personal consultation with our best of best specialists, who has experience with diabets patients. Call or email us to receive treatment plans with individual quotation and treatment time.


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