Are dental implants better than natural teeth? Check how long they can last.

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implants smile 1. A comfortable choice

If you experienced tooth loss, choosing teeth implants in Poland will probably be the best way to restore your smile. Even though the process of implementation is somewhat staggered, the investment is definitely worth your time and effort. Dental implants act like your natural teeth, therefore thanks to them you will enjoy a stunning smile for many long years.

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 2. You won’t feel the difference!

Like we said – dental implants do not differ much from natural teeth. Their size, shape and colour will be perfectly fitted to your jaw and toothing to make them look like your own teeth. Also, if you ever decide on teeth whitening procedure, your dentist in Poland will easily exchange the darker dental crown for one that goes better with the new shade of your teeth.

 3. A permanent option for the demanding

Tooth restoration with a dental implant covers both the visible part of a tooth as well as its root, which means that it helps maintain a natural oral structure. Any loss in a jaw bone may result in tooth migration and malformation of other teeth. A dental implant in Warsaw is not only a way to fill in unsightly gaps, but also enables you to stabilize the rest of your teeth and prevent their movement.

 4. A long term investment

Dental implants revolutionized the way of dealing with tooth loss, and right now they are considered a standard and one of the most widely chosen procedures. Patients appreciate this solution mainly because of its durability – an average implant may serve up to 25 years. When compared to bridges or dentures that need replacement not less than every 10 years, dental implants seem to be a reasonable investment.

 5. Enchant others with your new smile!

No one needs to know that your toothing needed a little correction. Thanks to the perfectly fitted teeth implants in Poland you will enjoy every day looking 100% natural. Start spreading your smile!


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