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You lost a tooth and you don’t like your appearance? It turns out that thanks to modern methods of treatment, you have many options! Many patients decide on implants.

What is an implant?

A dental implant in Poland is made of a titanium screw acting as the root of a missing tooth .

Titanium does not cause any allergic reactions because the body accepts it as its own tissue . After placing the implant in the bone becomes a “natural” root of the tooth , providing a stable base for single tooth crowns , bridges and dentures.


The advantages of implants:

– Irrevocably prevent the bone loss that occurs after a tooth extraction

– Replace the natural root of the tooth so there is no need to grind down the adjacent teeth to play the deficiencies

– Ensure the stability of crowns in Poland and bridges

– Biting efficiency is as with natural teeth

– Restore function and aesthetics of natural teeth

– Are the most stable of all the methods of prosthetic treatment


Implant treatment:

There are a few stages:

1. Consultation with your doctor , designed to determine the general health of the patient and his expectations of the treatment.

2. The implant insertion:

– Performed under local anesthesia

– Takes about 30-40 minutes

– Usually in one visit , you can set up several implants

– Put the implant is completely hidden under the gum and place the implant is sutured

3. Within 1 week after surgery may cause slight pain and slight swelling

4. The period of integration of the implant with the bone generally takes 3 to 6 months (in the absence of integration it is possible to re- implantation ) .

5. Placing the implant restorations (crowns, bridge). In some cases, a tooth implant can be used immediately . It is possible, when the hole on the extracted tooth is scheduled less than the diameter of the implant.


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