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If you are considering undertaking implantation treatment for your teeth abroad you are probably in need of as much information as possible. It is definitely worth knowing how the procedure looks like, but it is also important to emphasize the appearance and the role of dental implants in general. To make it easier for you, we prepared basic description regarding the construction of dental implant in Poland.

Dental Crown Poland

It is an artificial imitation of a tooth. Once the implant is properly installed, after the period of gums healing, it is covered by the crown, usually defined as a cup as well.


An abutment is a tiny element, that connects a dental implant (screw installed to the jawbone) and the limitations of a tooth (crown).  

Dental Implant Poland

The implant is a tiny screw, usually made of titanium, that serves as your natural tooth root. It is usually used to support dental crown/ bridge. The most important fact about titanium is that it is highly biocompatible. That means that once it is installed in you jawbone it is easily accepted by your body.

Endosteal Implant Poland

Nowadays, endosteal implants are the most popular way of teeth replacement. In order to get the best effect, the dentist places the screw directly in your jawbone. The process is done under local or general anaesthesia. One implant can serve as one tooth root or may hold a dental bridge composed of dental crowns.

Eposteal Implant Poland

Since the endosteal implants are the most popular nowadays, the eposteal are considered as not up-to-date. That is because they are not directly installed into the jawbone. However, if any risk occurs in terms of interference in the bone, your dentist may decide to use eposteal implants.

Subperiosteal Implant Abroad

This solution is often used in the case of a very narrow surface of the jawbone. If you are not able to wear traditional dentures this method can be also considered by you and your dentist.

We really hope that you found this information useful. If you would like to get to know more about dental implants or the process of installing it, visit our website directly contact one of our consultants. We will do our best to provide you with the most current and professional knowledge about cheap dental implants in Poland.


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