Dental crowns Poland price comparison

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Dental crown Poland is a cap that restores the size, shape, and color of your tooth. It covers the whole visible part of a tooth. Thanks to a crown, your tooth is stronger and more aesthetic, yet naturally looking. Dental crowns can be made of various materials e.g. porcelain or metal. The prices for a crown vary mainly according to the material used, hence everyone can have a dental crown within their budget.


Dental crowns price comparison based on the country

Regardless of the city, clinics in Poland offer one of the most affordable prices for crowns in Europe. Below there are average prices for crowns in Poland comparing to the UK, Germany, and Norway.


Prices for dental crowns in Poland are the most affordable comparing to other European countries. If you wish to have cheap and high-quality crowns abroad, choose a clinic in Poland. We offer not only most competitive prices but also great and well-equipped clinics and renowned dentists.

Why is it cheaper to have dental crowns done in Poland?

Having dental crowns in Poland is a perfect solution for patients wanting to spend a little money on professional dental services. The huge difference between prices for crowns in Poland and other European countries is a result of the exchange rate, which is very beneficial and profitable for patients from abroad. Our patient advisors will help you find the best flight tickets and offer affordable accommodation, thanks to which you will not only have your crown treatment done but also experience a fantastic trip to Poland and save much money.

Dental crowns price comparison based on the material

In Poland, the most frequently chosen materials are metal and porcelain. Also, many patients opt for crowns made of mixed materials, such as a combination of porcelain and metal.

Below you can see most affordable prices for metal, porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns in Poland.

Metal crownPorcelain-fused-to-metal crownPorcelain crown
Łódź144 GBP150 GBP221 GBP
Katowice133 GBP145 GBP265 GBP
Lublin133 GBP144 GBP265 GBP
Gdańsk143 GBP150 GBP254 GBP
Poznań175 GBP180 GBP285 GBP
Kraków220 GBP240 GBP339 GBP
Wrocław149 GBP155 GBP265 GBP
Warsaw160 GBP177 GBP332 GBP
Szczecin139 GBP141 GBP261 GBP


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