Dental Crowns Poland

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A dental crown is placed over a tooth – to cover it while restoring the shape, size, strength and improving its appearance. It is typically bonded to the tooth using dental cement. Crowns are often used to increase the strength or appearance of teeth. The first step in applying them is polishing the teeth surrounding the tooth loss. The next is collecting impressions and choosing the color of the future denture. The crown is made based on the dental impressions, which is then applied on properly prepared tooth roots and fixed with the use of dental cement.

How do crowns hold on to your teeth?

A crown holds to the tooth thanks to the strength of its grip and its adherence. This depends on the size and area of contact between the tooth and its filling. The dentist should  polish the tooth so that the application of the crown increases the strength holding it in place.

If the your tooth damage disqualifies using a crown, your dentist will inform you of this and suggest a different tooth filling solution.

Dental treatment in Poland is among the best and most modern in Europe. The dentists enjoy a good reputation due to the fact that they are well and educated and highly professional. Though you will find outstanding dental experts all over Poland, you will find the best dentists in Warsaw.


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