Dental crowns vs dental fillings

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crown vs fillingsIf at the dentist’s it was confirmed that there is some damage or decay to your tooth, you should resolve this problem. One of the solutions for this issue is fillings or crowns which both are applied to address this problem yet the procedures are different. In comparison to large fillings, crowns possess many advantages which make them a better option for most of the patients. This article aims to present both fillings and safe dental crowns.

Does the tooth require strengthening?

When choosing safe dental crown in Poland or dental fillings it is vital to take into account the level of protection that dental crowns provide.

Crowns make teeth stronger: one of the biggest advantages of tooth crowns is their ability to reinforce and strengthen a tooth through its total coverage. Due to this, a greater level of chewing forces may be put without any risk of damaging a tooth.

On the contrary, dental fillings are not so much durable and do not provide such protection as tooth caps. Generally, fillings do not increase the strength of a tooth and if used instead of crowns may put your tooth at risk for breaking.

With small fillings, there’s usually no concern about tooth strength

Dental fillings are ideal solutions where there is a small damage to a tooth and relatively small cavity. In this case, even though the filling has been drilled, the tooth is still whole and not impaired in any way. Therefore, it is expected that a tooth will be able to resist to chewing forces well.

Installing fillings rather than crowns is the best choice. When there are relatively small repairs to be performed, installing a tooth cap instead of a filling may even cause harm to a tooth contributing to some dental crown risk afterwards. It is mainly due to trimming a tooth before crown installation, which in turn, may put a strain on a tooth. It may turn out that irreversible damage may be done to its nerve tissue, therefore, bringing about the necessity of root canal treatment.

Large fillings frequently leave a tooth at risk

In a case where there is a lot of missing structure, damaged or there is a necessity to trim it away after the decay was removed, the situation is different.

In this situation, it is possible for a tooth to have its integrity compromised usually to such an extent that there arises the risk of fracture.

Just to make it more clear, the analogy of an eggshell will be perfect.

If you have a raw egg and want to break it open, it usually requires some effort to do so.  That is because an eggshell is a complete unit hard to break.

Now, after you finally managed to break up an egg into halves, you put two pieces separately beside each other. At this time, it is really easy to crash them completely with a single move as the integrity of the shell has been compromised. It became a separate and damaged unit that is no longer strong enough to resist forces enough.

A tooth is analogical to an eggshell as when its structure is disturbed due to breakage, decay or drilling, it is simply not solid

Fillings may create a wedging effect that leads to tooth fracture

There is one more issue when it comes to deciding about whether to choose dental crowns or large fillings. It is all about with possible negative effect that the filling may cause.

A significant difference between crowns and fillings

What distinguishes crowns from fillings is that the former cup over and enclose the tooth they are put on and the latter is inserted in it.

And just because of this, there is a possibility that due to chewing pressure put on a tooth a tooth may crack. Also, if you bite hard enough or even when biting forces occur continuously, after some time wedging action may bring about fracture to a tooth.

Not all teeth with large fillings will be problematic

Usually, you are able to assess the size of your dental fillings just looking in the mirror and say if they are large or not. Now, answer the question: when the fillings were installed? is it two years, five or maybe longer? If yes, what is the point of still maintaining them? As teeth with large fillings are not so strong enough, you should consider the fact that it may get fractured at some point.

Even the dentist can’t see the future

It is obvious that no dentist is sure which teeth may be problematic in the future and which will not.  However, due to dental pieces of training and clinical experience, dentists may assume which teeth may potentially be at risk of breaking and which may stay healthy for longer. Also, it is their responsibility to provide you with this information

They may be considered the safest choice

Of course big fillings in a tooth do not cause cracking or breaking and usually, lots of patients are offered such solutions to their dental issues like these. Moreover, if it happens that a tooth is fractured, it does not mean that it will cause problems when it comes to its reparation. Yet, if your dentist is convinced that the only way to solve a problem is installing a crown, it is due to the fact that treatment with dental crowns is more successful and create fewer complications over the years.

Dental crowns and dental fillings in Poland

Dental crowns and fillings are applied to various dental issues, yet there is a great difference in their usage.If you happen to have a gap in your teeth or there is a damage done to it, you should consider dental fillings or cheap dental crowns abroad, especially in Poland where low prices go together with high-quality service.We offer well-qualified specialists who are specialised in dental solutions with many years of experience. Booking dental treatment is very easy: you may contact our personnel and ask for more information about possibilities of having a cheap dental crown abroad. Do not hesitate, but contact us if you consider any dental treatment done abroad.


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