Dental crown placement in Poland step by step

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smile with dental crowns PolandDental crowns in Poland are a popular dental treatment. They are perfect for people who suffer from tooth decay or have broken their tooth. Crowns made in Poland are also very natural-looking and are very affordable. Many people are wondering how the procedure looks like. In general, the process is pretty simple and includes tooth preparation, taking the impressions and cementing the crowns. It typically requires 2 appointments during 5 working days.

Dental crown Poland – Day 1

During your first appointment, you will start with a personal consultation and detailed examination of your teeth with the specialist dentist. After that, the CT scan will be performed to check the condition of your teeth. When everything is properly examined, doctor moves on with the procedure. However, before the process begins, your dentist will give you local anesthesia to numb your teeth and the gum tissue that surrounds them. To prepare every tooth for the crown, a certain amount of it must be trimmed. Trimming is necessary in order to create a life-like translucency of the crown. While trimming your dentist will also remove any decay or filling material that’s loose. The trimming process is not only reducing the size of your tooth but also the specialist will give it a perfect shape. When your dentist completes the process of tooth shaping, they will need to take a dental impression of the teeth. It is crucial, as it will allow the crown to be fitted perfectly. Dentist will send the impressions to the prosthetic laboratory.

Dental crown Poland – Day 2 – 4

The laboratory needs a few days to prepare your crowns. During this time you can just relax at the hotel, go sightseeing or visit friends. There is a lot to do in Polish cities, which are known to be one of the more beautiful places in Europe. We are highly recommending coming to Warsaw, Wroclaw or Krakow, not only because our dentists there are highly experienced in performing crowns, but also because the cities have a lot to offer.

Dental crown Poland – Day 5

Once the dental laboratory finishes your crowns, you will have a second appointment with the dentist. He can proceed with your crown placement. Firstly doctor will evaluate the fit of the crown to your natural tooth, taking into consideration the placement, how it feels and how it matches neighboring teeth, but also the whole appearance. If everything looks flawlessly, he will move on to the cementing. Firstly, the cement is placed inside your crown, which is then seated over the tooth. After a moment the dentist will use a special dental tool to scrape away any cement excess, which may sometimes “escape” from the crown. After that, your crown is ready and your treatment is done!

Dental crown Poland results

Dental crowns effectively restore damaged teeth and provide wonderful results. Besides any actual teeth-related problems many patients decide on cheap dental crowns to improve the appearance of their teeth. Dental crowns in Poland will make your teeth gain one beautiful color, shape, and size. Crowns may also serve as a completion of implantation treatment – they are installed on implants or may be connected to form a dental bridge. After your affordable crowns treatment in Poland, you will smile with confidence!

Dental tourism in Poland

As you can see, dental crowns procedure is not that complicated, so do not hesitate and contact us today to book your cheap crowns in Poland!


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