Dental clinics in Poland are working according to European standards

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The European Union is an institution that offers its members many benefits. One of which is standardization of dental clinics across Europe. If you have visited your dentist in UK or Germany he might have warned you not to come to Europe or Poland for your dental treatment. Even though prices in Poland are cheaper, he painted an image for you of a dental clinic with filthy walls and butcher for a dentist. It could not be farther from the truth! Our clinics in Poland are clean, modern and well equipped with only the best specialists who can provide you all types of dental treatment from tooth fillings to all on 4 Poland. Read this article to find out more about cheap dental clinics in Poland.

Most dental clinics in Poland have international accreditation

There are thousands of dental clinics in Poland that can offer you professional dental treatment. Poland as a part of E.U has to represent certain standards and needs to follow international regulations when it comes to dental facilities. That is why our dental clinics are modern, clean and well equipped. Six of our clinics are listed in TOP 10 Dental Clinics Rating 2016 published by GCR (Global Clinic Rating). Also, four of them have been given official GCR star, which means that the clinic has been officially praised for meeting or being above international medical clinic standards. This achievement proves that our dental clinics abroad are up to your personal standards and will provide you with best possible dental treatments.

Dentists in Poland worked in other European countries

Nowadays, borders between European countries are open and people are free to travel and work abroad. This situation gave a great opportunity to our Polish dentists that wanted to gain as much experience abroad as possible. They have moved abroad to work is dental clinics in UK, Germany, Denmark and my other countries. Now, when they are back in Poland, they can offer you international level dental treatment and opportunity to speak with your dentist in English or German. Do not miss this chance and contact our patient advisor to find your dentist in Poland!

Dental clinics in Poland are equipped with the latest equipment

How can the clinic be the best if they work on outdated equipment? It can’t! That is why our Polish clinics have modern and up-to-date equipment. If you are looking for root canal treatment done under a microscope or latest method of anesthesia called The WandⓇ (Computer Assisted Anesthesia System) you can visit one of our clinics and you will find it there. You can rely on our specialists to offer you the best treatment possible and to carry it without any problems.

Why is dental tourism in Poland the best solution?

Sometimes our patients wonder why prices in Polish clinics are so much cheaper than in the UK or in Germany. The fact is that our Polish currency PLN is one reason behind it, 1 GBP equals 4,8 PLN and 1 EUR equals 4,2 PLN. That means that you can have more expensive procedure done in Poland for a fraction of its price in UK or Germany. Another reason why dental treatment in Poland is so cheap is the fact that our dentists can obtain materials and equipment for lower prices. However, it is not important why it is cheap. The important thing is to remember that our specialists can offer you the best quality of treatment for really affordable prices!


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