When dental bridges Poland are used?

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If you are missing a tooth or several teeth and you want to change the look of your smile, a dental bridge Poland may be recommended for you.

What is dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a common fixed dental restoration procedure used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, by joining an artificial tooth permanently to neighboring teeth or implants. Dental bridge is literally a bridges that is inserted by the gap of missing teeth. A traditional bridge is made up of two or more dental crowns, called abutment teeth, and a false tooth in between, called ponticsBridges work by installing crowns on two of the gaps surrounding teeth, and then attaching a false tooth to a bridge in between the two crowns.

How dental bridge procedure looks like?

In general, getting a bridge is very similar to getting a dental crown Poland. It usually requires at least two visits. On your first visit, after the consultation with the dentist, the teeth which will receive the crowns will be reshaped and recontoured and impressions of the teeth will be made and sent to a prosthetic lab. In most dental clinics in Poland the consultation is free or is included in the final price, our dentists value the time of every patient that is why you can be sure that your treatment will be fast and of the high quality. A dental lab then prepares the crowns and the rest of the bridge. The bridge is typically cemented at the next visit, after the fitting and acceptance by both patient and the dentist.

Benefits of having dental bridge in Poland

The dental bridge restoration will have significant aesthetic and practical benefits. Gaps left by missing teeth not only can ruin your smile and overall look, but they will also eventually cause the remaining teeth to shift, drift or rotate into the empty spaces, which will result in a bad bite. The imbalance caused by missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and other disorders.  Getting a dental bridge will restore the ability to chew and speak without any problem. Dental bridges will provide a perfect chewing comfort, require no periodic removal for cleaning, have a long life-expectancy, and are aesthetically convincing as teeth.

The main benefit of getting your teeth bridges in Poland is affordable price. Besides the cheap price, Poland provides the highest quality of the treatment performed by certified doctors with long experience.

Dental bridge price comparison 

Dental bridge restoration surgeries cost varies depending on different factors, especially the kind of material and the location of the clinic. You should definitely consider getting your dental crowns and bridges abroad, as the price may be lower.  You can get cheap dental crowns in Poland anywhere from £180. In comparison dental crowns in the UK cost starts at £800.


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