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A crown is placed over a tooth becming the tooth’s outer suface. Crowns in Poland are usually used to repair a severely decayed tooth. They may be made of porcelain or ceramaic covered with a metal base matching the color of your teeth or even of gold. A crown looks like a normal, healthy tooth and will work just like one.

On yourfirst visit, the dentist will remove the decay and make an impression of your teeth. He or she will create a mold to make the crown and put on a temporary crown on the tooth now now. During your second visit, your dentist in Poland will remove the temporary crown and put on the permanent one.

After your treatment your lips and gums may be numb for a few hours but then the anesthetic will wear off.

A crown is used to treat teeth that have broken or are destroyed so much that a filling can’t help. Or just to cover a severely damaged tooth or simply to improve the tooth’s appearance.

Remember there are some risks though.  Over time crowns may loosen, and you might need to get them cemented again or even replaced.


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