The most common cause of bleeding gums

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Bleeding gums is one of the most common ailments associated with oral hygiene . This is extremely important because the consequences of neglecting the gums are very dangerous .

In most cases, bleeding occurs due to irregular and inaccurate tooth brushing. When teeth are neglected plaque accumulates, which accumulates over time in the form of tartar. This in turn penetrates between the teeth and gums, leading in turn to an inflammation. In order for such a situation to not occur, the teeth should be cleaned regularly, with the use of floss and don’t forget to rinse your mouth properly after brushing!

Moreover, one of the most common reasons for excessive bleeding gums is periodontal disease, or periodontitis which according to some data suffers as much as 70 % of Poles . The reason for of this disease is long-lasting inflammation induced by tartar. When left untreated , the teeth lose their fixation to the gums and may fall out.

If periodontitis is at an early stage, dentists in Poland can stop the proceedings by removing tartar (you should do this about once every six months) . In the case of more severe problems, you may need more extensive dental treatment in Poland, so don’t wait and make an appointment with one of our dentists!


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