Cleaning the tongue

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Exact brushing teeth is not enough to maintain proper oral hygiene. It is also necessary cleaning of interdental spaces and the tongue.
The tongue is muscular and covered with warts, which gather many bacteria. These bacteria together with the remnants of food are often the cause of bad breath. That is why it is so important daily cleaning the tongue. Dentists in Poland tell us this can be done by:
Toothbrush – Some toothbrushes have a specific surface on the head for cleaning the tongue,
tongue brushes – like a standard toothbrush, but without bristles,
tongue scraper – shaped like a disposable razor
After using these instruments rinse and dry them, and every now and then disinfect.
It is not enough to remove the sludge from the back of the tongue; you should also clean the sides.
It is best to clean the tongue in the morning, before eating, because at night the tongue is not cleaned well.


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