Why dental implants in Poland are so cheap?

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Dental Implants LodzEvery day we have questions from patients who are wondering how we charge such an affordable price for our dental implants in Poland. Probably many of you wonder if that is any of hoax? We have many questions, what is included in price. about warranty, clinic standard, and implantology experience. I would like to assure you that our clinics have best European standard. Cheap dental implants Poland costs only 900 GBP, and the price covers titanium implant, abutment and aesthetic crown on the implant. We are happy to have many happy clients history. To be exact, over than 1000 implants installed.

Price difference comes from economic inequality

For sure Polish economy, wealth, income, and consumption are lower than in the UK, Germany or the USA. That is why Polish prices are lower and more affordable without any hoax. Smaller prices are caused because our society earns less. Economic inequality in Poland came from historical periods, economic structures and systems. You may consider price 950 GBP for an implant as an affordable, but it is a sum of a couple of monthly salaries for a polish worker.

Price difference has no influence on the quality of dental implants procedure

Our dental offices order implants from the manufacturers directly. The implant standard and their quality is the same as in the UK, Spain or Canada. There are no differences between implants here in Poland, on in the UK. In our offer, we have many implants brans, like Alpha Bio, Astra tech, M implant, Straumann, Nobel bio care and much more. What is more, implant price is always negotiated by the clinic. The clinic which installs many implants may buy implants with the lower price, as they are the constant buyer. It is a true, that our clinics often have sales from manufacturers, due to often orders.

Dental Travel Poland guarantee the high quality of your cheap dental implants in Poland

All of our implants have the warranty. Most of them have the lifetime warranty, the minimum time of warranty that is 5 years. All of our implants are made from titanium, the highest biocompatible material. What is more, for those who are allergic to titanium we may offer zircon implants which are metal-free. Our dentist has standard and premium implant offer, the premium offer includes Nobel Bio Care and Straumann implants with the lifetime warranty. The standard offer also has the lifetime warranty. What does it mean? It means that in case the implant falls out, you will have another implant installed for free at any dental office which cooperates with your dental implant brand. After implant installation, the patient may choose from porcelain fused to metal (PFM), full porcelain and zircon crown on the implant.

Dental tourism in Poland

Feel free to contact us we would love to help you organize your dental treatment abroad. The basis on your xrays may tell you exact prices and give personal treatment plan. Do not worry if you do not have them, we offer one-day packages in Poland. We will help you find flight tickets, book hotel for you and book dentist examinations like CT scan or xrays and dental specialist consultation. One night in Poland, which includes accommodation, airport pick-ups, breakfast will cost you 69 GBP. Our team waits for you!


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