Why all on 4 procedure in Poland is so cheap

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All on 4 Poland is the most effective and permanent dental treatment allowing for a full jaw restoration. At the same time, it belongs to the most expensive dental treatments on the market, hence many people just cannot afford it. Poland has recently faced up to the expectations of patients from the whole world by offering cheap all on 4 in Poland. Nowadays, Poland has been the main destination for patients from other countries who look for an affordable dental treatment performed by a professional in a modern and well-equipped dental office.

All on 4 abroad price comparison

All on 4 in Poland is cheap especially for patients using British Pounds, Euro or Dollars as a daily currency. More often than not, they are amazed at the price for all on 4 in Poland and decide to come here for the treatment. Thanks to performing your all on 4 in Poland, you will save even 50% of the money! Below, you can check the differences in prices for all on 4 in Poland as well as in other countries.

 All on 4 abroad price for 1 jaw:


Dentists in Poland use only best materials

Implants are made of a biocompatible material, which is titanium. This material is used worldwide, yet in Poland, the price for an implant is really low. The implants brand offered by clinics in Poland include e.g. Straumann, Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare or Astra. These are universal brands used by the vast majority of dental clinics across the world. Regarding bridges, they are made of pure porcelain, which guarantees their high quality, durability, and natural look. We can assure you that the quality of your all on 4 in Poland meets all European standards, and at the same time, the price is much lower than other countries can offer.

Factors that influence the price of all on 4 procedure

Cheap all on 4 in Poland allows you to save much money! The price differences result from the Polish economic system and currency used. In more details, factors influencing the price for all on 4 abroad are:

  • the currency used in a given country
  • location of the clinic
  • implants brand that is used
  • the necessity of preparation dental work (e.g. teeth removal)
  • the exchange rate in relation to the home country.

Undoubtedly, All on 4 in Poland is a great solution for patients wanting to save money. If you cannot afford full jaw restoration in your country and are fed up with temporary dental solutions, contact Dental Travel Poland. We will schedule your consultation and visit at the chosen dental office in a preferable city in Poland. We will take care of organizing your journey and stay! You will restore your teeth with us and could smile, talk and eat normally again.


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