Change your opinion of your dentist

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Dentists in Poland advise that adults who feel the fear of the dentist, called dentophobia, should change their notion of what might be waiting for them in the dental office. Dentophobia may in fact lead to extreme situations: those in which one might throughout his life avoid contact with the dentist, allowing decay prevail on the teeth, and periodontitis .

A dentist once told us: “I remember a patient who came for a visit and the whole time she was clutching her husband ‘s hand. And she was about thirty years old. Or another patient, about forty – he consent only to treatment under general anesthesia. I had the choice to either put him to sleep , or to refuse treatment.”

He also mentions a young girl whose teeth were completely destroyed by decay , and thus not suitable for treatment. All he had left was to propose her to remove the teeth and put on a denture in Poland.

It is important that your fear of the dentist did not give the younger generation – because the conditions in which the teeth were treated with a few decades ago, in no way can be compared to the comfort the patient experiences in the modern dental office!

Therefore, go to the dentist often with your child, mainly for check-ups . Once the child gets used to the dental office, staff, and when it comes to the proper treatment, it will be relaxed.


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