Ceramic implants – a new quality of dentures

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Ceramic dental implants in Poland are conquering the market and gaining the patient’s sympathy. Zirconium oxide, which is used to make dental implants, was discovered in 1789 by a German chemist M.H. Klaproth.  It is currently used in many industries, such as aviation but in dentistry it is used to produce implants. Zirconium oxide reflects light the same way as natural teeth, making the dental work virtually invisible. A major drawback of ceramic prostheses is their price – it’s high enough that for financial reasons a lot of patients decide to get fillings made using traditional technology.

Ceramic implants do not cause allergy or skin irritation. Titanium implants are generally considered safe, but they may contain small quantities of other metals. These in turn can cause allergies and hypersensitivity.

Ceramic implants do not wear off and there is no risk that they will fracture. There are slightly less stable than titanium implants, so in some cases it is necessary to rebuild the bone before the implant to stabilize the implant. Ceramic implants due to its antibacterial  properties does not cause inflammation, bone loss or gum recession. You also don’t have to worry about having a dark outline after a few years of using. This occurs with titanium implants though.

Implant surgery with the use of ceramic implants is no different from one using titanium implants. Additionally, with ceramic implants you can use virtual technology planning using 3D imaging and CT cone. Dentists in Poland have a long experience with dental implants, both ceramic and titanium, and use the newest medical technologies.


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