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Robert contacted us a year ago because he felt fed up with the way his smile looked. After years of smoking and forgetting to show up for his dental visits, the reality caught up with him. He lost almost half of his upper teeth and he was embarrassed with the way this affected his life. He could not eat normally, his speech was impaired due to lack of teeth in his upper bite and he always had to remember to hide his smile so that he would not scare people away. He could not afford such an extensive dental treatment in the UK so he sought us out and we did our best to help him.

First Contact

After his initial email contact, we spoke on the phone with Robert and he told us what he expected from this trip to Poland, how much money he had and when he could come to our clinic in Warsaw. Soon he sent us his x-ray photos and a few days later, the dentist prepared the final quotation for his all-on-4 procedure in Poland. From his initial contact, Robert kept in touch with us and he found comfort in the fact that he was well-taken care by our team member – Ania. She was always available to help Robert and he could contact her anytime with all the questions he had. Ania helped him arrange his flights and she booked his dental appointments to best fit his schedule. She also booked a hotel for Robert, so he felt secure in coming to Warsaw.

All on 4 procedure in Poland

The first appointment took place a month after his first contact and Robert knew that he would be picked up from the airport by the taxi driver that knew who he was and where he was going, as Anna took care of his transport. He arrived in the evening so Robert went to the hotel to rest before his first appointment next day. Anna called him in the evening to make sure that he is okay and to respond to his final questions.

Next day, he was picked by the same taxi and it took him to the Implant Art clinic. On his initial appointment, Dr. Stępień made a CT scan and proposed once again Robert’s treatment plan. As they all agreed on the schedule and price, dr Stępień started the preparation for implant installment. Unfortunately, some of the remaining teeth were dead and had to be removed. On the next day, the implant installment took place. Robert said to us that he was very afraid of the pain, but Dr. Piotr gave him local anesthesia and it helps to manage the pain. The installation took some time as Robert required 4 dental implants in the upper jaw to install his cheap all-on-4 system. After the implants were installed, dr Stepien offered Robert temporary denture so he would have to walk around with almost no upper teeth. Robert was now free to go back home.

As the implants were healing, Robert could spend some time in the UK. He had to wait for 6 months to get his permanent teeth, but the temporary denture was not as bad as he thought it would be. He was in constant contact with our adviser Anna and she kept in touch with him till the next appointment. When the time came, once again she help him with all the details of his travel and he visited dr Stępien for the final step.

Final visit to Poland

During his final visit to Poland, Robert met with dr Stępień 3 times. First, the dentist took impressions of his bite and matched the color of the artificial teeth. On the second visit 3 days later, Robert receive the first version of his permanent all-on-4 in Poland, but there were some minor things to improve so the denture went back to the laboratory. After 2 more days, Robert went for his final appointment and the new all-on-4 denture fit perfectly on his new implants. At first, Robert was a little bit afraid of how he will do with artificial teeth, but soon he learned that they feel just like his natural one. He did not have to hold himself back anymore and he could enjoy eating and meeting people one again! After 5 working days in Warsaw, he went back home.

Robert was very grateful to dr Stępień and to us because he had his new beautiful smile and he did not need to rob the bank to get it! In comparison to the offered price in the UK, Robert saved almost 7000 GBP! As he said, he is very grateful to dr Piotr and to Anna our patient adviser, as he has a beautiful smile and still he has some money in the bank. We hope that Robert will enjoy his new teeth for a long time, especially because he quit smoking!


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