How to take care of your denture

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You should take care of your denture on a daily basis. This will minimize smell and stains keeping your denture looking like new and help them last for a longer time.
Your dentist in Poland should show you how to put in and take out your denture. Be sure you know how to do this before going home.

While first eating with your new denture start with soft foods such as cooked vegetables. Take small bites and chew slowly. Try to chew on both sides at the same time.
Every night before going to bed you should remove your denture. Remember to clean it every night with the use of a soft toothbrush and mild soap.

If your denture breaks or is damaged, stop wearing it. Call your dentist for an appointment to fix it.

Dentures in Poland should be fitted properly so when you chew it’s comfortable and your breath doesn’t smell. See your dentist if you have any pain or problems with your mouth or denture or even if you need further information on cleaning and caring for your denture.


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