Can brushing your cause teeth damage ?

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As we know from childhood, the basis for maintaining oral health is brushing your teeth 2 times a day. And what are the most common mistakes we make when brushing? You’ll be amazed …

Until now you probably thought that the best toothpaste is the one with the highest RDA abrasive? The truth is that this ratio should be selected to meet the needs of your teeth – some people need toothpaste for smokers, other people need toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Applying the wrong toothpaste can damage the surface of your teeth.

If you think that frequent and strong teeth scrubbing does well to them, you’re wrong! Such brushing may damage the enamel, which in turn inevitably leads to hypersensitivity or even discoloration of the teeth to the point you may need veneers in Poland.

It would seem that very hard and strong brushes best suit their purpose. However, excessively hard bristles can injure the gums, and if at the same time by firmly pressing down the brush, you can damage the enamel. According to dentists in Poland the best option for your teeth will be medium soft toothbrush.


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