Brands of dental implants in Poland – which one to choose?

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Modern dental implants have been invented in 1957. Since then, there have been a lot of development in that field. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of dental implants on the market. However, which one will be the best for you? Below we would like to provide you with an information regarding top brands of dental implant in Poland.

1. AlphaBio dental implants

In this brand there are actually 3 types of implants: Internal Hex implants, Conical Hex implants, Arrow implants. Each and every one of them has been developed with simplicity in mind. They are easy to use, thanks to basic usage method. Every type of implant has many different variations, that can offer patients individual fit.

2. Straumann dental implants 

Its origin gives it a unique Swiss precision. Since 1998, the company works hard to create implants that reduce healing time and offer excellent tissue response. This brand can offer a maximum implant stability due to Morse taper connection.

3. Biomet 3i dental implants

It is an American brand, that offers one of the widest range of dental implants on the market. The company is a pioneer in solutions such as Switch Platform (reducing bone loss near the implant), Gold Standard ZR (no implant rotation), Gold Tite (usage of golden prosthetic screw) and No-Touch Sterile System.

4. Nobel Biocare

It is a premium class brand, that was invented as a collaboration of Swedish and Swiss dentists. Their dental implant is made of pure titanium, which is responsible for their high quality. This dental brand has four major implants system: NobelActive, NobelReplace, NobelSpeedy and Brånemark. Their offer is extended by wide range of abutments and prosthetic options.

5. AstraTech dental implants

It is a Swedish company, that currently is the third largest dental implants provider in the world. Their aim is to create dental implant that is as simple as possible in their installation. In the same time, their implants are highly functional and flexible. Due to those facts, AstraTech implants are a possibility to almost everyone who wants to have implants installed by a dental surgeon.

 6. MIS dental implants

MIS Implants Technologies Ltd is an American company that has been creating dental implants since 1995. Their implants are made from biocompatible titanium that is used in medical field. They have received many international certifications that say they are up to ISO standards, European CE standards for medical products and approvals from American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

7. Zimmer dental implants

It is an American company that is world known for their attention to details. This dental system is constantly upgraded and developed to offer their patients up-to-date treatment options. Recently Zimmer joined forced with Biocare, to become one of the largest supplier of implants in the world.

8. Bicon dental implants

This implant brand is categorized as ‘short implant’ because of it 5mm length. Due to their small size they are ideal solution for patients that do not have enough bone structure for standard implants. Bicon implant brand has been developed in 1985 and it is one of the longest used dental implant brand in the world.

9. Ankylos dental implants

Implant system Ankylos is a part of German company called Dentsply Friadent. It was developed with collaboration with scientists at the University of Frankfurt. Their implants are created from pure titanium and they come with a lifetime warranty. The company guarantees long-term availability of the products and components.

10. Osstem dental implants

Ossem dental implants stands out from other implant brand, due to its high rate of osseointegration (connection between the bone and the implant). This company is proud of their guarantee that their implants are free of any residual substances, that may slow down healing process.

 11. BioHorizons dental implants

This teeth implant brand offer ten different types of implants to their patients. Each and every one of them has been thoroughly studied by scientists all over the world. BioHorizons offers a lifetime warranty on their dental implants.

12.Camlog dental implants

Camlog is a leading provider of all inclusive systems and products for teeth implants. Their system main feature is its minimalistic approach to the number of components required in installation of the implant.

Dental tourism in Poland

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