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Some love them, others hate them. For some people it is a way to achieve the perfect smile, for others it’s a nightmare, which they have to struggle through a part of life. Are braces truly so bad? Find out.

Opinion about braces are divided. On the one hand they can be considered unaesthetic and unsanitary, on the other hand it means you are striving to achieve a Hollywood smile, which immensely improves your appearance. In recent years, celebrities proved that the metal on your teeth can look fashionable too.

Some basic information :

There are two types of braces – mobile and fixed. The first is recommended primarily for wearing at night and/or for a few hours in the day. The second , in turn , is used for larger defects of occlusion. Fixed braces have many options . They can be metal, ceramic , anti-allergic or composite.

How to care for your teeth?

Having braces requires special care for oral hygiene. Remnants of food are deposited on it, but it looks like not only unsightly , but also accelerates the formation of dental caries, so watch out. To care of them, it’s not enough to use the traditional toothbrush, you should purchase special accessories that make it easier to clean it properly.

It’s best you make an appointment with your dentist in Poland and find out all you need to know from an expert.


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