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smiling people after all on 4 Poland

All on 4 abroad - Pros and Cons

5.0 01 All on 4 abroad is one of the most frequently chosen dental treatment for toothless (edentulous) or partially toothless patients. All on 4 abroad procedure is quite simple, affordable and provides permanent results. With all on 4, we may restore both upper and lower jaw with good results.…

woman after healing teeth loss

Cheap dental implants Poland - Factors for Tooth Loss

5.0 01 Patients who come to Poland for dental implants procedure abroad often ask what causes teeth loss and if it is possible to prevent it. In this article, you will find some of the most common causes of tooth loss. Some people have genetically based problems with teeth. However,…

smiling woman with teeth crowns

Dental Crowns Abroad - Materials

5.0 01 If your teeth are broken, cracked or damaged, cheap dental crowns in Poland are a great solution for you. Crowns will restore your damaged teeth, as a result of which you will be able to eat, smile and talk normally. There is a wide range of materials used for…

happy woman after all on 4 abroad

All-on-4 Poland - Benefits

5.0 01 If you are missing a significant number of teeth you are probably looking for some permanent solution to get rid of the problem. Since dentures are removable they can create a lot of discomfort. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, without the necessity of taking the…

smiling people with teeth implants

Types of dental implants in Poland

5.0 01 Dental implants Poland is a popular dental treatment for teeth restoration. They are considered to be an artificial teeth roots that are placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Affordable dental implants abroad are the best option for patients who have lost teeth due…

Cheap dental crowns Poland after care instructions

5.0 01 Dental crowns in Poland are a very popular treatment performed abroad, as crowns are perfect for restoring teeth which have been badly damaged due to tooth decay, breaks or any cracks. Many patients decide on coming to Poland for cheap crowns, which are also professionally made and very durable.…

dental implant

Dental implants Poland key terms

5.0 01 If you are considering undertaking implantation treatment for your teeth abroad you are probably in need of as much information as possible. It is definitely worth knowing how the procedure looks like, but it is also important to emphasize the appearance and the role of dental implants in…

Case Study - all on 4 Poland - Robert

4.0 01 Robert contacted us a year ago because he felt fed up with the way his smile looked. After years of smoking and forgetting to show up for his dental visits, the reality caught up with him. He lost almost half of his upper teeth and he was embarrassed…

smiling people after all on 4 Poland

All-On-4 abroad home care instruction

5.0 01 Once you decide to have your full jaw restoration in Poland you should be aware of the fact that the doctor does only half of the job. After all on 4 abroad, the proper care is in your hands. Due to that, detailed knowledge is crucial for you…

Dental implants abroad benefits

5.0 01 Dental implants are the most effective way of teeth restoration. Since implant treatment is a permanent, the most effective and naturally-looking method, it also does not belong to cheap dental work. However, you can, by all means, afford your teeth implants. Dental Travel Poland comes across the needs…

Send your enquiry to the best dentists in Poland

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