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smiling girl with white teeth

All on 4 - problems and complications

5.0 02 Times when „false teeth” were embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsafe are long gone now. Modern dental treatment such as all on 4 abroad is much safer and permanent. It is comfortable to have, looks natural and is a permanent solution, so You don’t have to ever take it off.…

girl having dental procedure

Will my all on 4 look natural?

5.0 01 There was an era when „false teeth” were made of plastic and put for the night in the glass on the night stand. In that time to have one was embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsafe. Nowadays dental treatment moved from that kind of services and clients have access to…

Dentist doing dental implants

How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

5.0 02 Dental implants abroad are one of jaw restoration treatment. That is why dental implants are said to be the best teeth restoration for toothless patients, or for patients with some missing teeth and gaps. Dental implant well maintained will last for your lifetime, most of the implants have…

mother with dental veneers

Are Dental Veneers During Pregnancy Safe?

4.7 03 Many women expecting a child wonder whether it is safe to have dental veneers put or it is better to wait until the baby is born. If you are not sure whether veneers while pregnancy can influence your and your child’s health, this article is for you! Of…

smiling girls after dental veneers

How to maintain Dental Veneers

5.0 01 Dental veneers abroad are the excellent dental treatment for patients who would like to improve the shape, size, length, and color of teeth. The dental veneer that is the really thin shell made of composite, porcelain or zirconium. In our dental offer, the patient may choose also the…

girl smiling during all on 4 procedure

Is All on 4 Good For Everyone?

4.3 03 All on 4 treatment, also called an implant supported denture, is a safe dental technique of a full jaw restoration. All on 4 in Poland is an alternative to regular dentures and can restore full set of upper or lower teeth. Commonly, 4 implants are installed in the…

woman smiling after dental implants procedure

How to Avoid Dental Implants Infections

5.0 01 Dental implants are permanent jaw restoration, they look and function like natural teeth. As implant function like normal teeth, they might be infected, as well. The gum area and the bone structure around implant might be easily diseased. Any infection or inflammation around implants is widely known as…

girl with broken dental crown

Should I Repair a Broken Crown Myself?

3.8 05 The perfect scenario would be that people never experience any dental issues. Even in a just a little less than perfect scenario, any problems that do occur could be repaired and just simply ignored. Sadly, the reality is not a perfect scenario and so dental issues can appear…

two people with permanent dental implants smiling

Removable vs. Permanent Teeth on Implants

5.0 01 Each dentist will say that the best patient is well-educated patient. Before coming to the dentist office, before sitting in a dental chair it is best to know all options, know own needs expectations regarding dental treatment results. Sometimes one hour of a dental visit is not enough…

dental implants Poland

Dental Implants Poland - Prosthetic options

5.0 01 Implantology is nothing else but a surgical base for prosthetics. There are many cheap prosthetic options after having cheap dental implants in Poland. The choice depends on many factors, including your lifestyle, general health, age or finances. Many patients see the prosthetics as the priority to make their…